Friday, June 8, 2018

Frugal Friday......June 8th Edition

Here are the wins we had this past week.........

* I seemed to find lots of cash on the ground this week.....

On Tuesday, .01¢ in the Boyer's parking lot and someone left their .25¢ in the shopping cart slot at Aldi's.

On Wednesday another .01¢ in the Rite-aid parking lot.

*  No Friday Freebie last week at Weis as it was pancake syrup which was just a lot of HFCS so we passed on it.  I'll take Log Cabin on sale w/Qs or real maple syrup for my pancakes.
See I don't always take a freebie! lolz

But speaking of Weis I forgot a couple of weeks back to mention using my Weis points on a gas discount before they expired on May 28th.......

It's difficult sometimes to coordinate when your gas tanks are low with using the gas points to their fullest advantage.
We were able to squeeze just over 15 gallons in between two vehicles and saved $9.12 on that gas purchase.

*  I made $2.50 on Ibotta on various items at Weis I bought and .10¢ on SavingStar for the cookies I got on WW at R-A.

*  Lots of deals at the grocery stores this week.......



Bread Outlet

And of course, Rite-Aid

And Rite-Aid Freebies too!

*  There was no eating out this past week and the only Take-Out was Taco Bell for lunch on Monday after Hubs post-op check up using a combination of the last of an old gift card and a few dollars of my WAM so no cash spent otherwise.

*  I've been keeping an eye on our c/c bill.  We put most of our spending on it that isn't utilities, private label c/c shopping(like Kohl's, Woman Within, Amazon)and some gasoline purchases.  Most all the food shopping is put on the c/c.  It's sitting under $1K for now(billing runs mid month to mid month)and the bill cuts on Monday so I am going to try to NOT spend/put any more charges on it until Tuesday.  That means no take-out this weekend or grocery shopping.  Let's see if I can do this......

That's about it for me on the frugal front.
Did y'all have any frugal wins this week?



  1. You find money everywhere, a veritable money magnet.

  2. I love finding a quarter in an Aldi shopping cart. Any cart in the parking lot is free game. LOL

    Good for you all for not eating out. That's great!

  3. I always find a cart in the Aldi lot. Sometimes the kids(16,19)stay in the lot and return carts while I head in. I never understand why people don't return them. I understand if it is by a handicap spot but usually it isn't. I'll walk carts back to get the quarter anytime.

  4. Some people actually bring the cart back and shove it in where carts go, but leave the quarter. I would think that would be a great place for kids to hang out.

  5. Not sure if this counts as frugal, but I found that Target carries my favorite chickpea pasta and it is a dollar cheaper than where I found it before. Oh... my favorite mac n cheese brand is on sale at Target as well. Does that count?

  6. With two major deaths , MIL and FIL, in the past three months, money has been spent. I’ve also been putting in 50 hour weeks. Although, that has finally ended last week. Besides all that, we’ve managed to add to savings, Little that it is. Like your found money, it all adds up.
    I won’t buy much with HFCS, either. It’s nasty stuff. It’s real syrup or nothing at our house.

  7. Yesterday I returned 2 carts to the cart area from the paking lot at Aldi. For that alone I think I earned the quarters.


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