Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Blog & Giveaway Business

Three items of blog business I need to address..........

* If anyone has any blogs they enjoy, please email me about it with a link to that blog so I can add it to my Blog Roll.  I always enjoy putting blogs into the roll so others can discover them too.  I try to remember when I happen across one to add it here but sometimes I get distracted and/or forget.  Even if it's your own blog, let us know about it, ok?

* The amount of spam comments has quieted down finally!
Some are most certainly spam, with links to everything from loan offers, to Viagara sales sites to sites on STDs. 

Then I keep getting comments from "people" who want to know what platform I use(Blogger, hello?'s in the URL for this site lolz), to what apps, plugins and programs, etc. I use from how to keep folks from stealing my content to how to monetize my blog.

Then there are the commentors who want to share my blog with a F/B group or want to write articles for my blog who never leave an email addy so I can contact them.

Let's not forget the commentors who want to know how to write a blog.  Umm, go to a blogging site, pick out a name and just start writing! lolz

Or the folks who thank me for writing about "whatever the blog post title is".....this usually turns out to be a very old blog post or a blog title like "November Giveaway....Come Win Some Stuff!".

Or the comments that are obviously written by someone who doesn't know/speak English and are putting their comment through a language translator.  Usually those are comment left on weeks/months/or years old posts and few make any sense or say anything pertinent to anything I write about so they get kicked out to the spam folder.

Then there are those folks who just want to "help" me by letting me know my blog doesn't show up correctly in "pick a browser" and I need to fix that, the RSS feed is wonky(contact Google or Blogger not me)or they set up something on Blogger to receive notifications about my blog and they can't change it so I need to change it for them.  Sorry dude, I can't fix YOUR settings for you(contact Google or Blogger), especially if I can't see WHO YOU ARE. lolz

Or the readers who got my blog link from a father/brother/friend who want me to visit their site which usually turns out to be an online gambling site or want to sell me viagara.

Some days it's too many freaks and not enough circus when I go through the comments. 8-)))

* And lastly I now have a master list of everyone who has entered a giveaway with their name/non de plume and email addy.  I spent a long time going through 1.5 years of giveaway entries to compile this.  I did turn up a few folks whom I though I had info for that I don't, including someone known as MEG B. so if you are reading this Meg B. please email me so I can get you on the list.

I am going to now post this list of everyone I have email contact info for(without the emails listed however to protect their privacy).
If you like to enter my Giveaways and don't see your name on this list, PLEASE EMAIL ME to get on the list.(My email addy is under About Me" on the right side bar.)
I keep getting folks who enter but as they don't provide any contact info they can't win so do yourself a favor and make sure that you are on the list(and I may have left someone off inadvertently too).  It will be m go-to for giveaway info and will be updated monthly from here on out.  I am just tired of trying to hunt down readers who enter a giveaway but don't provide a way to contact them.

Here is the list............. it is arranged alphabetically by first name/non de plume.

Alice Williams 
Amber R
American Dreamer” 
Amy Walter 
Annamarie Voss 
Anne in the Kitchen” 
Barbara G
Barbara S 
Belinda R
Bonnie Swanson 
Carol Pavlick 
Cheryl Soergel 
Chris T
Coleen C
Crystal Hankey 
Dana Matthews 
D.A. Vick 
Debbie S
Donna F
Elena Pendell “Ellie” 
Gaby “violinista” 
Gayle Binkley
Gerry T
Grammy Goodwill 
Heather H Temp 
Heather McC
Janet Mendonca 
Janie Junebug 
Jean Lange 
Jen G.
Jenifer Rigby
Jessica Fletcher-Fiero 
Kathi Davis in FL 
Kathy Sheffield
kat kaz” 
Kelly M. 
Kim H. 
Laura H.
Linda “practical parsimony” 
Lisa C “ladybug” 
Lisa R
Lucy-A Dime at a Time” 
Making Cents of it All"
Marcia C “miserly mac”
Marie Galtier 
Mary G
Mary L
Melissa Storms 
Meme “Ellen” 
Meredith M 
Michelle D
Michelle H
Pamela J 
Patti or Precious People Preschool 
Rachel D
Ranee Milliman in MN 
Rosemary Ford
Sandie in CT 
Sheila Womack “Sheila”
Susan Lasker “Sue” 
Susan Steiner “SMS” 
Susanna Smith 
Terri S. 
Wendy Clark 

Also if you leave entries and you only supply a first name PLEASE leave at least the first initial of your last name too.
I currently have 3 each of Patti, Michelle and Barbara and not all have given me a last name or at least the first initial of which.
I can get confusing at times to say the least. ;-)

And with that I am outta here.
Got to get my butt up to "Ollie's"(Good Stuff Cheap!)before my 15% off flyer expires and then there are some house things to work on.



  1. Wow, you must have a ton of readers/visitors! I checked my spam comments just now and I had just four. lol. My visitor stats are super low compared to what they once were, but that's ok. The core readers that have stuck around are golden. Have fun at Ollie's!

  2. Wow - it is so kind of you to make this list to help people win! That is truly amazing. Hard to understand why people would not put in their email addresses in the first place, to be honest.

  3. Thanks for going above and beyond. If you are nice enough to give away raffles and they don't get in touch with you when they win I think it's their loss.

    Glad the spammers are somewhat under control.

  4. I've not been to Ollies, but there is one in Chattanooga, so now I am going to have to go there. LOL

  5. Having a blog seems like a full time job! I'm happy to see I made the list :) hope you found some goodies at Ollie's!

  6. You've hit the nail head-on viz. blogs attract a lot of rubbish. Sorting through it all is quite tedious at times.

  7. I find it funny when I check comments and there is a new comment from some post two years ago and like you said, make no sense. LOL

    1. and here's an example I just now got - a comment on a post from 2011 about good grades: this site is really a stroll-by for the entire data you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll definitely uncover it. with a link to an online gambling. LOL.


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