Saturday, June 2, 2018

Best Grocery Deals Last Week

Here are the best deals I found at the grocery outlets this week......

 I bought 2 shelf stable milk cartons, 2 ice cream cartons and 2 8 oz. blocks of cheese as part of the Mix and Match Buy 6/Get $3 off deal.
I also had a $1/2 Cabot IPQ so after sale prices, $3 and $1 Q off all 6 came to $9.94 or $1.65 per item.

The Eight O'Clock K-Cups were on clearance($6.29 down to $3.29).  I had printed off $1.50/1 Qs early in May for these so paid $1.79 per box.

The Ragu finally went on sale at Weis on Thursday and that was the last day my 7 x .75¢/2 Qs were valid.  These double at Weis to $1.50/2 so .92¢ per jar with the sale price.  They double up to 4 of the same Q per transaction so I purchased these 14 jars in two transactions.

I also have 2 x .75¢/1 Kozy Shack pudding Qs expiring on Thursday.  The individual cup packages were on sale for $3 at Weis so after doubled Qs I paid $1.50 per package.  Hubs can eat these while his sore from surgery windpipe recovers.

I also bought Ex-College Boy 6 Gatorade bottles.  They are .77¢ per bottle this week plus I had a B5G1Free CatalinaQ for this that printed off a couple of weeks ago at the register and it took $1 off not .77¢ off so all 6 bottles cost me $3.62 or .60¢ each.  Another CatalinaQ printed off so when I went back for the last 6 jars of Ragu I picked up 6 more Gatorade.  No photo of those Gatorade though.



  1. Cheap ice cream, cheap cheese and Christmas presents. I think you had a great week

  2. That's a great Ragu price. Now that I cannot price-match, I miss those deals most of the time.


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