Monday, June 11, 2018

About The Tonys

Having been in the "theatuh" world in my previous life I like to tune into the Tony Awards.
I like to see the numbers that are performed from the actual shows up for awards.

Also having been in that world back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I know that actors(for the most part)are self-centered narcissists who are good at appearing to be likable people(their job is acting after all!)who care about others and the world.

Now there are some exceptions to this rule(like those true artists who have other skills like writing, design, directing, etc.)but mostly actors are superficial jerks from my experiences.
And they are good at reading scripted material(that's their job)but many can't pull a coherent thought together if their life depended on it.
That is why after they announce winners in the acting categories I hit the mute button on my remote so I don't have to suffer through a badly written or even worse, a spontaneous bout of verbal diarrhea from an actor/actress.

Take Robert DeNiro for instance.

A well respected actor who has many acting accolades to his credit and pulls down a large income.
But that doesn't make him someone to emulate(other than his study in his craft).
Especially after the stunt he pulled at the Tony Awards.

Mr. DeNiro was there to introduce his friend, Bruce Springsteen, before Bruce performed a song.
DeNiro took it upon himself to hurl profanities at the President before his introduction of Bruce.

Keeping it classy Bob......

Actors and small spoiled children are known for pulling stunts in public like this.

Not getting many good acting jobs?
Go on national television and shock the folks at home with profanities directed at a President(which were bleeped out)whom many see as great target to deride, mock and hurl f-bombs at lately.

And now the media outlets are blown up over the stunt Robert De Niro pulled proving once again, at least with actors, negative attention is better than no attention at all.
Of course, knowing that "crowd" in the auditorium, De Niro received a standing ovation for hurling insults at this POTUS.

This old guard "respected" actor just toppled off his pedestal in my view.

The Tony Awards shouldn't be a grandstand on which to hurl your political diatribe from and/or a stunt pulled to get you more work consideration.
Thanks for putting a damper on this celebration of the work of live theater's honorees Bob D.

No Class Bob DeNiro.
I hope he is happy with himself and the damage he has ultimately done to his own reputation.



  1. Glad I don't watch most of these award shows. I don't like Trump but what a disgrace to act like that. Why celebrities think we care who they like and their views on everything is beyond me.

    1. "They" think we care because the entire current culture emulates them and all they do.

  2. I don't like Trump but would like to watch pleasant things without actors hurling their own excrement at him in my presence.

    An actor I have always loved, Clooney, cannot speak without being silly, juvenile, and just disgusting. As an artist, he is above his peers. I always tuned in when he was going to be interviewed and every time I was disappointed.

  3. I find when one has a small vocabulary and gets frustrated, mixed with a very low self-esteem, vulagarity ensues. He is a disgrace.

  4. I have zero respect for the likes of De Niro. While I am a Trump supporter, I would feel exactly the same way even if the vulgarity was directed at the opposing party. Behavior like his is uncalled for.

  5. I think actors use these award ceremonies always to further their political thoughts - every single award ceremony is like that. I guess you don't have to tune in if you don't want to or like you say, mute it after the award is announced. I find those shows dreadfully boring to begin with so avoid them like the plague, regardless of political bent

    1. Yes, except for the entertainment(just the singing and dancing but not always)awards shows are a snooze-fest. And they just keep making more and more of them. Compared to real shows it's a cheap way to fill air-time.

  6. Very well said Sluggy. Penny S.

  7. I don't own a TV so was appalled to hear this story on morning news. I may not like the person in office personally, may not have voted for them but believe it is my duty to respect the office and pray for all of our governing authorities. Like Cheryl said -- why do these celebrities think their opinion matters any more than the rest of us. I am still waiting for all the actors/actresses that threatened to move to Canada do so.

  8. That makes me nauseous!! I wasn't a true fan of ANY of the candidates and did end up voting for Trump. I don't necessarily "like" him, but you HAVE to respect the position no matter what. Even if I hadn't voted for him, he won and you have to respect the position, not necessarily the person. vWe have had political ads in California that have been VERY anti-Trump and I think they are just wrong and I wouldn't vote for that person based on that!!

    1. Sue,
      I do not respect Trump at all. I do not behave myself because I respect the office, which I do. I have self respect and do not want to mud wrestle with pigs. I get dirty and pigs enjoy it. He thrives on controversy, in my opinion.

  9. It sure seems like a lot of these actors would be better off just sticking with reading their scripts. I guess they think since everyone is so willing to pay to watch them act that we're also interested in their political views.

  10. Replies
    1. Carol - what would you say if someone would have said that about Obama? I just do not understand how people believe this ok.


  11. I so totally agree, the same with professors and preachers. Keep your politics to yourselves.

  12. "Actors and small spoiled children are known for pulling stunts in public like this." and our current president.

    1. Yep!, while I'm not in favor as such of profanity on the TV during awards ceremoney at any time, my five year old neice has more knowledge about how to behave in public (or on twitter) than the current President. One reaps what one sews.

    2. Sam,
      I was going to say that even the President does not respect his office.

    3. Maybe I should have said "actors, politicians and small children".lolz

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  14. I think the name calling originated with Mr Trump. People learn what they live. You cannot expect people to take the high road when they have been name called, criticized, humiliated and verbally abused in every way by the President. Turnabout is fair game in my opinion.

    1. Look, I am in no way excusing Trump or anyone else's vulgar behavior.
      Tit for tat name calling is not the hallmark of grown-ups.

      I guess you feel that we should all stoop to their level and act like school children on the playground.
      Decent adults need to take that high ground and not rise to the bait.

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  17. totally agree. We as a society have absolutely no respect for anyone who we don't agree with.


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