Monday, May 7, 2018

This Week on the Dining Table

The "It's Back!!" Edition--

Remember the ear infection that I had not once but twice this past Winter?
Well it's back! Ugh.
Another trip to urgent care last Thursday and a stronger antibiotic later and let's hope this is the last we hear of it.
I have never gotten ear infections before so the PA says if it comes back I need to go see an ENT specialist. Please pray I don't need to do that.

That's a photo of my eye and has nothing to do with an ear infection obviously.
I just thought "eye'd" post it and freak y'all out. lolz

I do have weird eyes, in that, depending on the light they can appear anywhere from hazel to green to bluish green.  I chalk it up to all those "Northern European whitest white woman on the planet" genes in me. I'm just special that way I guess. ;-)

Moving On....

Onward to the meal planning!

This is what was planned--

1. Sunday--Breakfast for Dinner
2. Monday--Pot Roast Sandwiches, Spinach Soufflé
3. Tuesday--Leftovers or FFY(Hubs and I have date lunch out)
4. Wednesday--Chicken Enchiladas, rice, beans
5. Thursday--Leftovers
6. Friday--Fish, Onion rings, Cole slaw, Green beans
7. Saturday--?

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Breakfast for Dinner
2. Monday--Pot Roast Sandwiches, Spinach Soufflé
3. Tuesday--FFY(Hubs and I have date lunch out)
4. Wednesday--Chinese Take-Out
5. Thursday--Chicken Enchiladas, rice
6. Friday--Shrimp Tempura, Onion rings, Cole Slaw, Green beans
7. Saturday--Stromboli(using gift cert.)

Last week saw 4 nights of home cooked dinners, 1 nights of leftovers/fend for yourself, 2 nights of Take-Out or Eating Out.  Fish didn't happen again because I wanted to use up some shrimp in the freezer instead.  Most everything else happened as planned.
I used up the leftover pot roast from the previous week making sandwiches.  I stretched my Chinese take-out meal into 3 meals(1 dinner and 2 lunches)over the course of Wed., Thurs. and Fri.
We used a long ago received gift certificate to an Italian place that is on the way to a town we visited on Saturday, so easy to call ahead to order some stromboli and pick it up on the way home and get that gift certificate used.

4 small grocery trips to Weis, 1 trip to Ollie's, 1 trip to the Bread Outlet and 1 smal trip to Shursave market brought the shopping to $97.87 for the week and brought May's food spending total to $97.87. (I forgot to include the Bread Outlet trip on my Frugal Friday last week-though I did include the cost in the week's food spending-so I'll put it on this coming Friday's list.)  

I've got $302.13 left in the food budget for May and 24 days left in my shopping month. 

My savings percentages last week was 52.28% and May's monthly savings total so far is at 52.28%.

Leftovers going into this week.......baked rigatoni dish(hubs didn't finish it for lunches yet), chicken enchiladas, tempura shrimp, cole slaw and stromboli.

Here is this week's "food plan".....

1. Sunday--Fend For Yourself
2. Monday--Leftovers(various)
3. Tuesday--Pizza, Salad
4. Wednesday--Kielbasa on Rolls w/Onion, Brussels Sprouts
5. Thursday--more Leftovers
6. Friday--Fish, Cole Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries
7. Saturday--?

This week will see 3 new meals cooked, 3 nights of leftovers/FFY and 1 nights of ?.  Waiting on inspiration to hit me for Saturday. lolz
Not feeling like cooking this week plus I need to do a bit of cleaning this week before company arrives. 8-) Last week the enchiladas and shrimp were intense meals, meaning it took a lot of time to prep and cook them.  I make my own enchilada sauce from dried chiles and peeling and prepping all those shrimp taste a butt load of time.  The Breakfast for Dinner meal was sausage patties, eggs and homemade hash browns(which also are labor intensive).  With all the other things I have to do this week is why I am leaning toward buying frozen pizza and Weis has a deal on Newman's Own this week.

We did a big shop on Saturday(which goes on next week's shopping/spending report)and I need to hit the restaurant supply store in a few days so I don't plan any big food spending sojourns to Weis(PMITA)Markets this week(plus their ad sucks this week and next as far as my needs go).

What needs buying for this menu?  Nothing really except salad greens, cabbage and milk, unless I buy frozen pizzas if I don't feel like making my own(if I make my own I need to buy some pepperoni).

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. Sluggy-sorry to hear about the reoccurring sinus issues. Been there. I swear by nasal lavage to keep things at bay, check with your MD on that. Do it right in the shower, no mess, no fuss. How do yo make your pot roast sandwiches? are they hot, open faced on toast with gravy or mearly sliced, leftover pot roast used like "roast beef" for a sammi? Also, how do you make your chicken enchilladas or are they store prepared? TIA

    1. Carol, I have a neti pot and use it religiously since having sinus issues when I was pregnant with College Boy. Have never had ear infections due to sinus though so this is a new thing for me.
      I do my pot roast sandwiches like Bob Evans resturant....pot roast hunks with slivers of carrot and pieces of sauté onion, grilled bread(sourdough is best)with a slice of American cheese melted on(though you really don't need the cheese on these).
      My chicken enchiladas-take a whole chicken and boil it(reserve the stock for soups/stews), debone the meat, sauté in pan with diced onion and Mexican spices(chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic, etc.), add green chiles. To a flour tortilla add refried beans and/or Spanish rice, chicken mixture and cheese, roll up and put in casserole pan. Top with enchilada sauce(made using dried chiles reconstituted in hot water, then whizzed up in the blender. In a pot put dried spices and oil to bloom, then add flour, once that has cooked out the 'raw' of the flour add some of that chicken stock(or water), add tomato puree and the liquified chiles, simmer, then spoon sauce over the enchiladas and sprinkle cheese over them, then cook in the oven, serve.
      Traditionally, enchiladas are made with corn tortillas put those are more work to get them "soft" and we like flours ones but either work.

  2. The ear infection I got earlier this year that had my face swollen from jaw to eyebrow is lingering! What's with this? Long allergy season?

  3. Everything sounds delicious. I hope you ear infection clears up and you don't have to go to the ENT.

  4. Ear infections are the pits. Also very painful. Sorry about that. I want to eat at your house.

    1. Well come on over! Of course when you got here you'd have to help or do dishes....

  5. I did not really plan meals so I didn't go off plan. TheHub probably wished I had planned though because I served some doozy meals last week (Yeah, not doozy in a good way either)
    I have eyes similar to yours. They can be anything from a deep aqua, to gray, to green mainly depending on what I wear and the light.

  6. I was wondering what your eye had to do with your ear LOL. I do have two meals in the freezer, where I froze half a tuna casserole and half a meatloaf.

    1. Yeah, I thought that would throw everyone off. lolz

      I suck at doing freezer batch cooking meals. Never got the hang of that. I don't mind cooking most days so didn't see the point of spending all day in the kitchen for 1 day vs. a little bit of time most every day.

  7. No meal plan here, again. We seem to be doing okay, though. I had to toss some food but can’t for the life of me remember what! I do remember that it was because it was too much for us in one meal and too old to save for another. This week, we’ll be eating leftover sloppy joes and one meal of leftover red pepper quiche. I plan on thawing some pork chops for the husband and choppy salads for me. I start my Summer job an Wed., so after that is anyone’s guess!
    My eyes are also similar. Right now, allergies make them look like i’ve been smoking the funny tobacco! No such fun, here! I hope yours feel better soon!

    1. Have fun with that Summer job! If I had a job outside the house I know I'd be delegating a whole lot more of the cooking stuff here.....if I did I know I'd lose weight as nobody would pick up the slack and I'd be skipping a LOT of meals because of it. lolz

  8. I was wondering while reading your post. It says about the ear infection but the image was eyes...
    Prays for you that you are not going to the ENT specialist and it gets cured.
    I don't plan too much for cooking, may be little bit while buying the veggies i do...

  9. Food shopping and cooking is the part of my life I suck at the most. I admit that I rarely meal plan. I've tried to get my grocery shopping down to one trip a week by just buying more stuff at one time. I buy only what's on sale, including meat and figure out something to do with it later. What I end up making depends on how much energy I have at 4:00. lol We get take-out on Fridays, either pizza or Chinese. If I lived alone, I'd probably live on tuna sandwiches and coffee. lol

    1. Yeah, if I didn't have to cook I'd eat one thing for days on end until I was sick of it and then make something else. I also wouldn't worry about making 3-4 items in a meal but would graze throughout the day getting in all my servings of this and that.

      If I were you I'd stick stuff in a crockpot in the morning so you just have to dish stuff out for dinner. But that means committing to something before dinner time and I'm not always that organized. lol

    2. I leave the house at 6:15am. I'm up earlier, but prepping food and making noise in the kitchen at 3am would not be a good idea. lol. I do like using the crock pot though.


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