Friday, May 4, 2018

Frugal Friday......the May 4th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had last week.......

*  I got hungry while out running errands so I picked up a sub to bring home for lunch.  Dug out my Subway rewards card and it had enough points on it to get a sub for free, which is what I did. 8-)

* Snagged a few straight-up freebies at Rite-Aid this week.....also got two pain cream samples but didn't get those in the shot either. Oops.

*  One of our US Savings Bonds matured so we went to the bank and cashed it out........

No point in letting a fully matured bond sit in the safe deposit box earning ZERO.  Cash those suckers in and throw them into something that earns interest(as little as it may be). ;-)

*  I had a 10% certificate for Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)that I had earned that was expiring in a few days so Hubs and I went there to see what we could find that was a good deal.......

Seasonal flavors of oatmeal packets(pumpkin and gingerbread)for $1.16 a box after 10% off.

3 Cheese blend Kraft grated for $2.24 after 10% off(can't even buy this that cheap on sale and w/a Q at the grocery store here!).

I was out of green chiles and Ollie's had them for .71¢(cheaper than the grocery stores).
The large no beans chili was $1.79 and the MASSIVE can of chili beans was $1.61 after my 10% off card.

The best deal were these boxes of cold brew coffee pods(not K-Cups)for making iced coffee.  At 75% off they were .37¢ a box and looking at my receipt now it seems the cashier only rang up 3 boxes. 8-)

*  Last Friday's Weis Freebie was procured by Hubs....

A free package of Weis cookies.

*  On the not-so-frugal front.........

We bought Chester a toy at Ollie's.  Even with the discount it was pricey but hey! it was a name brand(Animal Planet)and he's worth a new toy every now and again.  It was made of an indestructible fabric but I should have checked the seaming work on it better.
 5 minutes after giving the toy to him here is what I turned around to see........

His alligator toy is now in pre-op for surgery. ;-)

Hope y'all had a frugal week!



  1. The cold brew coffee price is amazing. I would have cleared the shelf. My kids love it. You did great with all of your deals.
    Absolutely cash out the bonds. They hope people forget about them.
    When my dog Oreo was young she used to do the same thing to the toys. I can't even count how many times I would sew them back together. My Friday freebies are here:

  2. That WAS a great price on the cheese.

  3. Speaking of savings bonds......

  4. Better the alligator than your sofa or shoes, right? What amazes me is how they can get the squeaker out without tearing a toy apart....or how our dog used to eat l/o beef stew and lick the bowl spotless while leaving EVERY SINGLE CARROT CHUNK.

  5. Frugal... mmmmm.... I cleared out my fridge so that I start fresh with some food items. I need to make a list of some items I need.

  6. My son has an Ollie’s; I love that store! Nice haul, there!

  7. Chester went to town on his new toy. LOL You got some good frugal deals this week. :)


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