Saturday, May 13, 2017

Frugal Things This Past Week

*  I cashed in my coffee rain check finally!  They got the flavor College Boy prefers back in stock.

8 bags of coffee for $12 total.  The rain check was BOGO free, so I paid $5.49 for 4 bags=$21.96 and then used 4 x $2.50/2 IPQs(subtract $10), so $11.96 for 8 bags or $1.50 per bag.  We should be good on coffee until at least September/October.

*  I did the "Buy 6/Get $3 Off" Deal at Weis this week........

All 6 items (reg. price $10.95)after sale price($7.95), extra .50¢ off each item per the Deal($4.95)and a couple Qs I had($3 in Qs) brought the cost down to $1.95 total or .33¢ per item.

*  I got paid .11¢ to bring home 2 containers of Italian Ice.......

It was on sale BOGO(and you can use a Q on the Free item at Weis)at $3.39 for 2.  I used 2 x .55¢/1 IPQ that doubled to $1 off each and there is a Weis Coupon Booklet Luigi's Q for $1/2.
Plus there is a .50¢ off wyb2 Luigi's rebate at Savingstar so -.11¢ paid in the end.

*  I bought some stuff at Rite-Aid this week....

First I bought 6 x $50 Shell gas cards.  There are lots of Shell gas stations on our route for the Summer road trip.  I earned $30 in Plenti Points total, good on merchandise at Rite-Aid stores divided between our 3 Wellness cards.

Then I bought two boxes of Playtex Sport tampons for Daughter....2/$7, used 2 x $2.50/1 IPQs so spent $2 in PPs and earned $2 back in new PPs, so free.
No photo of those because Daughter took them already and put them away.



  1. Does coffee go bad in time? I was wondering if coffee bought in bulk is a good idea if it goes bad. Or, perhaps you all drink a lot of coffee?


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