Friday, March 31, 2017

Weis Deal Last Week

Sale ads at Weis(PMITA)Markets start on Thursday so this is the only notable deal I picked up on Wednesday(last sales ad)after getting an old filing fixed at the dentist and heading to the grocery store.......

8 x Wishbone dressings on sale $1.47 each=$11.76
I had 4 x $1/2 Wishbone items TearPad Qs that were expiring 4/1/17 to use.
$11.76-$4=$7.76 OOP
That makes each bottle .97¢ which is a good price here for the 16 oz. size ones.

I already have a supply of dressing here but not these varieties.  We use 1000 island on taco salads as well as Reuben sammiches and College Boy likes to dip his pizza in the Ranch variety.
I like to make my own vinaigrette and Italian fresh but having a bottle of such on hand when I don't have time or inclination to make them is a plan.

We are coming up on Salad Season here shortly.  In the Winter I am the only one basically who eats salad greens but once the weather warms up we all eat it more often.

Today is the Fantastic Friday Sale at Weis.  I may go up and pick up some strip steaks that are $5.66 lb. today only.  Hubs birthday is Wednesday so I may splurging and we may have an early birthday meal.

They also have whole fryers for .86¢ lb. and  Fiora TP 1/2 price today and I have a $1/2 ManuQ so I'll pick those up too on April's food budget.



  1. No Weis here or I would do that deal. We eat salad often.

  2. Great salad dressing price! If I had Weiss I would do the same thing.

  3. That is a good salad dressing price here. I eat salads all winter, too. Maybe you could give an update on Hubs mobility, capabilities, and such. I always wonder if he drove when the two of you go out.

  4. That's a terrific price for the salad dressing. Smart lady stockpiling for warm weather salads.
    But the price for the strip steaks is phenomenal. The lowest price I have found here has been $5.99 a lb. but I have to buy the whole strip loin. Fortunately I bought a whole
    one just before winter last year. I can't wait until we can grill out here. Soon!!!!!!!!


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