Wednesday, February 22, 2017

He's Legal!

I'm feeling kind of old today.
Today my "baby" turns 21.
Yep, that would be College Boy.

Here's some photos of him through the ages.......

(First photo-1996)


(10th Birthday)

(Link costume in 2007)

(Easter Egg hunting in 2008)

(13th Birthday)

(In the sunglasses)

(Freshman Year photo)

(Next year at camp, still in sunglasses.)

                               (Junior Year photo)

(With his "axe".)

                                  (On the far left.)

                         (Marching Band Solo.)

      (French Honor Society-in the black striped shirt.)


                          (High School graduation)

                                (Off to College.)

(Off to college again.)

                  (Performing at college-on the right.)

(Last Fall in concert.)

Happy 21st Birthday College Boy!
Here's hoping the next 21 years are even better!!!

aka Sluggy


  1. He is just so cute. Has very thick hair, he should have been a girl.

  2. What a handsome man. How wonderful to have captured his changes over the years-love the freshman picture.

  3. Happy Birthday to College Boy! I hope he enjoys his day.

  4. Happy birthday to CB. Love his baby picture. All the hair!

  5. I love this! What a great way to remember and document the changes!

  6. What a great timeline! They sure do grow up fast, don't they?

  7. What a glorious head of hair CB has!! Congrats on achieving legal status :)

  8. Happy Birthday to him!!!! Now he can go drinking with you and Sonya! Like he's been just dying to do that...

  9. The photos made me smile. Happy Birthday CB


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