Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just Nothing

I hate to not post but I really have nothing of value to say lately.
Just doing what I need to do to hold things together here.
Cleaning,taking out garbage, running to bank, drug store, grocery stores, gas station, rinse and repeat with a couple of doctor appointments thrown in.
I did buy Hubs a cane today at Rite-Aid.  His doc whom we saw yesterday wants him off the walker and onto a cane so he is getting close to being able to climb stairs now.  It's a very good thing but for me it means I now have to get the bedroom cleaned up(he hasn't been upstairs since the accident on Dec. 6th). lolz
Hubs also will begin working from home the first week of February(unless he has a set back of some sort with this injury).

The BF is leaving on Friday, today is his last day at his job here.  This will mean a few things leaving the garage and going back to Louisiana with him.

I got some good deals at Weis(PMITA)Markets today.  I usually go on Wednesdays(last day of the sales ad week and good day to look for discounted meats and bakery)and Friday(Fab. Friday sale items day and new sales ad week). Unless it can't be avoided I NEVER shop on Sat/Sun. or Tues.   The weekend is just crazy crowded(and the cashiers tend to be snippy or ditzy)and Tues. is "Old People Discount" Day and it takes forever to get through the store and finish your shop.

Anyway, there was an Annie's brand offer--Spend $15, Get $5 off Instantly.  The Deal worked off of regular prices but everything that qualified was on sale.
So 1 carton of soup, 3 bars of granola bars and 1 box of mac and cheese came to $11.25
$5 off=$6.25
I had 4 x .50¢/1 Qs and 1 x .75¢/1 Qs, which double up to $1 each so should have been another $5 off.  The cashier rang each Q twice since they wouldn't scan so w/the .75¢ Q I got an additional .50¢ so I got $5.50 total....$6.25-$5.50=.75¢ total for all 5 items.  I told the cashier the .75¢ should only double to $1 but she shrugged her shoulders and just kept going.  Oh well....

I've been binge watching old Project Runway episodes/seasons on Hulu.  I just finished Season 9 again.  I skipped Season 8 as I just couldn't stand the thought of watching the gal who won that Season, Gretchen again!  For some reason she really got under my skin. lolz  Tim Gunn and I still think Mondo should have won that season.

So here's some Michael Kors-isms to brighten your day....



  1. Hopefully your life will become somewhat saner when your hubby is more mobile. One less person in the house means less cleaning/cooking/food expenditure. Even if he is a nice guy it might be a bit of a relief there.

  2. Another day in the life. I'm in a certain kind of biannual hell at work right now, so nothing of real value to the real world going through my head right now. Hope the next transition goes well for you.

  3. Hi from Idaho stop in from Living Rich on Cheap. Sound like you accomplish a lot.
    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee

  4. So I am curious how does daughter feel about boyfriend leaving?

  5. Glad Hubs is headed toward more mobility. That and the departing BF might make things a bit less stressful for you. If not let me know and I will send you some socks from a local gift store. The side of each ankle is embroidered with "I am the Ring Master of this shit show"

  6. Sounds like you got quite a bit done.....sometimes it just doesn't feel like it...LOL Ok, so why is BF going back to Louisianna?


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