Thursday, January 19, 2017

I am Alexander & am Having his Month

This new year has not been kind to me so far.

Besides having to carry all the chores Hubs usually does, having College Boy home(which is always a wild ride given that he is so absent-minded and flighty)and practically leaking cash(hello college bills and full price drugs and the electric bill will be insanely high because of Hubs this month), my HS is flaring not only in 3 usual locations but a new one, right underneath my left nipple.

It feels like mastitis but only in one breast. I was trying to wait this episode out(which started before Xmas)but had to see the doc on Tuesday and get pain killers and antibiotics for it.
And going on an internet message board convinced me this latest manifestation meant I have a tumor on my pituitary gland.  I need to stay away from online medical help.

Gosh I wish they had a cure for HS or even had a CLUE how to treat it effectively.
Add into the mix my post Holiday blues and Sluggy is having a horrible, no good, very bad month.

Did I mention that my birthday is Saturday? lolz

It's been hard to write anything other than what I already had in the pipeline as I've just been trying to get through the day lately.

And now I am out of material so postings may be sporadic for awhile.

I really need to go attack the disaster that is our filing system/important paper files upstairs.  Hubs' job is to file receipts and such and keep order there.  I went up to retrieve something we needed and it was such a mess!  Maybe mess isn't the proper word for what I saw but it looks like he hasn't done anything but make a mess up there for the last year!  Half the files aren't even in the filing cabinet but strewn about the room in piles and half those files aren't even labeled properly.

I will say he hates this chore so it's always a bit lacking in order but this time it's impossible and since I have to deal with it all now as he can't get up the stairs yet I just don't know where to start.
And yes, I am cursing him under my breath about this.

I was able to find enough to get College Boy's FAFSA done but now I need to start gathering all the tax stuff.
Double Ugh.

Plus with owning and renting out the house we have in Louisiana it just adds another layer of complication onto our tax filing.  I don't know if I am capable of doing our taxes anymore without some sort of soft wear program.  And I dread having to buy soft wear.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a program that is not so complicated and not expensive to purchase?  Let me hear about it please.

Ok, I am off to face the filing monster now.
Wish me luck.....



  1. what is HS ?? i hope you get better.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. We've used TurboTax for years but honestly with all you have to deal with right now, I'd hire someone and have one major headache less. IMHO.

  3. I used a free version of turbotax last year and it was way easier than I thought it would be, although I don't know if it will be of any help with our rental property and I was using the Canadian version but am sure the American version is good. January does sucketh. Hugs

  4. No help here. We have an accountant because of complexities that are beyond our combined knowledge and the peace f mind, is worth the relatively low cost. Not free, but better than over paying, or under paying and have a penalty later. I hope January wraps up it's crap to your universe and February ushers in some better news. I'm trying to force myself happy, so I hear you!

  5. Sluggy, DO NOT DO YOUR TAXES. Find a local accountant. Yes it will cost you some money but you are not poor. The stress of this will add to the HS and you do not need that. Please give yourself a break, you are super woman but now you need a nap.

  6. So sorry you are having the blues. I'm hoping that once hubs is mobile again, he can help you more and get that paperwork straightened out. Just the thought of it makes me upset. I'm happy that I have no online sales to report this year. It's a lot less paperwork for me to have to produce for our tax preparer which is a big relief for me. I hope the meds the dr gave you help your HS symptoms subside and that you'll be feeling better in time for your birthday. Hugs to you.

  7. Ugh! I hate paper chores more than cleaning the toilets. Good luck Alexander and I hope this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad spell will be over quickly

  8. Robb does all our taxes using TurboTax. He swears by it. I'm pretty sure not at it, but maybe. He likes it.
    Good luck finding the right software to fit YOU! And sorry you're having health issues. Just what is HS?

  9. Hi Sluggy.....hope your Terrible, no good,very bad month gets better.....question, and I'm just being nosey what is HS? and I'm sorry that it's flaring up..... Thx

  10. Hi Sluggy,

    I've enjoyed reading for a while, but haven't commented before. I'm also dealing with an autoimmune disease, Hashimotos hypothyroid, and it got worse for 7 yrs until I went on the autoimmune paleo diet. It was hard for the first few months to give up conventional foods, but the scare of a possible thyroid nodule being cancerous, and nothing else working, I went paleo and am so glad I did. Here are some links to bloggers that have HS and have been able to put it in remission through the autoimmune paleo diet. I know how much it feels like your body is hating you, but it's really just trying to tell you that there are foods it doesn't want to eat anymore. And those foods can be different for everyone. I can eat nightshades, but not gluten or eggs. Too bad they all taste so good. :) Hope you can find something in these links, I know it's frustrating, exhausting, and painful, but there has been help for me and for these others listed below. And it's a hell of a lot better on the budget than expensive meds that don't work and cause worse side effects. - Lisa B

    A book about HS on amazon
    The Hidden Plague

    This is a podcast with someone wit HS:

    1. I can definitely attest to the removal of certain foods. I also have two auto immune diseases. One thing that has helped me was taking gluten completely out of my diet. It has really helped my level of pain.

  11. I'm sorry, Sluggy. Not feeling well makes everything seem even worse ... hopefully you are on the mend soon.

  12. My friend had something called "inflammatory breast cancer" which started out on the surface of the breast. Her doctor didn't recognize it so it got quite advanced before being diagnosed. Just sayin'.

  13. Happy birthday, regardless.
    I have not thought of Alexander in ages; the reference made me smile. thanks.

  14. Turbo tax! At least that's what I use in Canada eh? How different could it be lol?! Anyway you can bury hubz in all the paperwork and let him dig himself out by filing? Chin up Slugs, can you have a drink or 5 tomorrow?

  15. Happy birthday to you! I hope you're feeling better.

  16. Yup. Stay off those internet medical boards. It's easy to convince yourself that you have some dreaded disease.

    I hope you had a nice birthday yesterday and took some time for yourself.

    Find an accountant to do the taxes. You have enough on your plate. Rental stuff can get tricky.

  17. Hope it was Happy Birthday. We are all Happy you were born! I used to use turbo tax, it asked you key questions. Personally when the business and state of CT got to tax Happy we started to go to a CPA. He is great finds us breaks I had no idea about and worth every penny of the 300 I pay him. Worth some inquiries perhaps? Feel better!


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