Thursday, October 3, 2013

TMI Thursday: How do you like......

TMI Thursday: How do you like….

How do you like_____?
1. Your coffee?

Don't like it and don't drink it except once in a blue moon.

2. Your sandwich cut? In half, square or diagonal? Crust or no crust?

Cut in half but a grilled cheese is ALWAYS cut on the diagonal.  Crusts left on baby!

3. Your tea?

Iced and when it's cold out, hot.  Luzianne because I am a GRITS and it's specially formulated/blended to make iced tea with.
Hot tea of choice is Chai.

4. Your alcoholic beverages?

Hard cider, wine(sparkling especially), mixed drinks or whisky(cinnamon infused or SoCo).  No beer.

5. Your ice-cream served: cup, cone, soft or hard?

HARD serve in a cone but I'll eat any kind of ice cream!

6. Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?

Medium length and thinning.  It just hangs

7. Your cell phone?

An old dumb phone.  It's an LG model called "the Snapper".

8. Your computer?

Laptop-not a Mac

9. Your web browser?

Use to be Firefox until I got Windows 8(it sucks!), now I have IE  ppppfffffttt!

10. Your car?

A red Dodge Minivan.  Yes I am a mad mom in a minivan. lol

Now tell me what your TMIs are or post them on your blog.



  1. 1) With a splash of milk
    2)No preference on the cut, and crust on. :-)
    3) Iced when it's hot (no sweetner) & hot when it's cold out. Again, no sweetner.
    4) Wine! Although, I do have a soft spot for champagne, especially when I'm in Las Vegas. :-) I'll drink a beer with pizza.
    5) Soft serve - in a cone!
    6)Well, my hair was longish, but is now short after the mullet tragedy. It's naturally pretty wavy.
    7) The kids broke my nice phone, so I have an old Windows phone that M dug out of the drawer somewhere.
    8) Laptop - PC.
    10) An Audi Q7

  2. 1. black
    2. Sandwiches are usually left whole. I'm a big girl, I can handle the whole thing. Definitely with crust.
    3. Iced tea - no sugar or fruity flavors
    4. Alcoholic Beverages - ummmm, where do I start? If out at a bar - Diet Coke and Vodka. If craving a beer - Bud Light Platinum. Want to be fancy with some wine and cheese? I'm a white wine girl.
    5. Ice cream- Again, where do I start? Anything except chocolate. Not a chocolate ice cream fan. Unless that's the only choice. Then I'd rather eat chocolate ice cream than no ice cream at all.
    6.My hair is just above my shoulders and really curly. I've been trying to grow it forever and the longer it gets the tighter the curls so its always the same length.
    7.Droid Razr - Love Love Love It. I was a hater of the smart phones for a long time. Now I can't imagine going back.
    8. I'm a pc girl. We have an hp at home. I've had a mac at work for 8 years now and I still am a pc girl.
    9. IE
    10.White Minivan

  3. 1) I hate coffee but it would be black if I had to drink it.
    2) Any cut, crust on.
    2) Only iced, even in the winter, never any sweetener or lemon, just plain.
    4) I don't drink anything but a sip of wine about twice a year. But, I did have a soft spot for screwdrivers.
    5) Any kind of ice cream as long as it is chocolate; cup if I am the driver, waffle cone if I am not driving a car.
    6) Long with about three inches that lied on shoulders. It is thick and straight. It really wants to curl or wave, but it is very fine.
    7)Samsung Rugby--it is dumb as a rock, but even though it has the regular old keyboard, not qwerty, I text with difficulty only to daughter.
    8) Dell laptop
    9)IE or Chrome when I want to view a video.
    10) 2000 Chevy Malibu.

    Why are we sharing? lol

  4. 1. Coffee must be super hot and strong with a little milk.
    2. Diagonal, esp on grilled cheese. Crust on!
    3. I like Chai too!
    4. I don't drink alcohol.
    5. Hard ice cream in a cup and semi melted.
    6. I wear headwraps because my hair is thin also.
    7. Super dumb LG Tracfone.
    8. HP All-in-one desktop. (my baby)
    9. Chrome
    10 2006 Silver Mazda 5 mini van.

  5. 1) With flavored creamer
    2) Typically on the diagonal
    3) Iced tea is unsweetened. Hot tea with honey.
    4) I don't drink much, but I like mixed drinks...usually something with sour mix. White wine. Craft beer (I don't drink mass produced pee water!)
    5) Hard scoop in a cup, but won't turn any of it down.
    6) Medium length (trying to grow it out a bit) with no style or flare. I miss the "good stuff"
    7) I have a Samsung Stratosphere
    8) Desktop HP. I HATE laptops!
    9) Firefox
    10) 2005 Jeep Liberty. It is dark green.

  6. 1. I like a splash of regular coffee with my sugar, thank you. A little cream won't hurt either.
    2. Diagonal cut, crust on.
    3. Passion from Tazo. (Done with passion fruit). And sugar. Lots and lots of sugar, or 2 servings of honey.
    4. I don't drink. It tastes like medicine.
    5. Whatever's available, but I love hard old-style cones, not the light wafer-type ones.
    6. I guess long hair, always up, straight and natural.
    7. Blackberry 9930.
    8. Maj is a 3yo Dell XPS 1650 laptop. Althena is a mutt of some sort (started as an Acer), about 21 years old.
    9. Firefox at home. IE because I'm forced to at work. Chrome for blogger at home.
    10. Pontiac Grand Prix SE 1999.


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