Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Food I Bought in August...A Big Boring List Only for Other Nerd's Eyes

My good blogging buddy, Annie Jones, over at Real Life Living posts what she buys every month. The way she tells it, it shows people that she really does get a lot of food for the little amount she spends each month. You can eat well and still be frugal.

I think it's helpful to see it all written down in one place so you can gauge how you are doing with the food money each month.

So I thought this was a real good idea and decided to steal borrow her idea and post all the food I buy in a month to feed my family of 4-5.
Besides, I am a big fat NERD who likes doing this!

For August, we had 3-6 people at home--2-5 adults and a 15 yr. old teen boy. 
 I stockpile items when they are rock bottom price, so besides the obvious fresh produce & dairy, this list is not necessarily ALL we ate in August.  We may have items on the list we didn't buy to consume this month and we may have eaten many items already canned or in the freezer from past stocking-up.  But it shows you how far you can make your money go by buying on discount, bulk, sale and paring coupons and/or rebates with the deals.

Here's the food items, including pet foods, I bought in August for an out of pocket of $252.02 after rebates.
This list doesn't include the toiletries I bought at Rite-Aid since I didn't pay 'real money' for them. ;-)

Ground Beef   10 lb.
Pork Butt   6 lb.
Spare Ribs   7.63 lb.
Ground Pork   6 lb.
Pork Chops  1 lb.
Cube Steak  1.5 lb.
Breakfast Link Sausage  1 lb.

Tilapia  2 lb.

Salad   2 bags
Watermelon 2
Celery   1
Green Beans   1.5 lb.
Peaches  7
Yellow Squash  4 lb.
Lettuce   1
Onions  3 lb.
Bananas   2 lb.
Carrots   2 lb.
Potatoes   5 lb.
Strawberries   2 cartons
Mushrooms   1 lb. can

Milk gallon   5
Plain Yogurt  1 lg. container
Feta Cheese  1 sm. container
Swiss Cheese   2 lg. blocks
Eggs   3 dz.


Pita  1
Steak Rolls  2
Bread   1
Kaiser Rolls   2
Hot Dog Rolls  1

Nutella  2
Pancake Mix  1

Mayonnaise  2

Tortillas Chips  4
Potato Chips  3
Pita Chips   2
Oreo Cookies   1
Fish Crackers   2


Powerade  15
Gatorade   32
100% Juice  4
Orange Juice  3

frozen corn   1
frozen broccoli  2
frozen mixed veg.  2
frozen pizza  8
frozen pot stickers   1
whack biscuits   3
pie crust   2
red pepper hummus  1
frozen fish  2 bags
bakery dept. crustinis  1 container


I bought a lot of meat again, like last month.  I still have half the ground pork(made into sausage), half the pork butt(made a pork ragu and half was leftover and put into the freezer), the cube steak, the breakfast links, the pork chops, half the ground beef(big bag of meatballs in freezer and crumbles in fridge for tacos tomorrow)as well as 1lb. of the fish left.
I have celery, carrots, onions and potatoes left of the produce, a block of swiss, half the yogurt & 6 eggs left of the dairy and 2 bags of steak rolls left of the bread products.

Since #2 son got home in early July I have not bought any more soda.  But he has almost consumed ALL the soda I had stockpiled!
At one point, there were 14 12-packs in the garage.  It's down to 1 pack and a couple of cans.
Hubs does not drink it.
I drink maybe 3 cans a month.
That means he drank roughly 75 cans per month....that's over 18 cans a week.

He's going to be miserable fairly soon since I told him I am cutting back on buying soda.  He has no self control around it.  I try to ration him but he sneaks it.
As a result, I can't stockpile it anymore.

So what foods did you buy in August?



  1. Aaack, August? I was ill and cannot remember anyway unless I write it down as I go. I will do this for September since the month is still fresh. Maybe your son can buy his own soda? OR, you could require him to pay for your stockpile of soda. When the money comes from his pocket, he may feel differently.

    But, 18 can each week is less than 3 each day. I drink at least 3 each day. However, I am a gluttonous adult and pay for mine. He drinks yours. I know you want him to have better habits than I.

    I cannot decide what I think about this situation. Are his friends drinking it too? I know a family that put in a drink machine by the pool because they were tired of supplying drinks for kids and kids' friends and their friends. Water out of the tap was all they would furnish. They did not even supply ice! Sounds about right to me.

  2. Your poor son is an addict. I'm sure there is a group out there for him.
    I'm surprised that you haven't posted any pictures of your spaghetti sauce yet. When you wake yup and have been robbed, you will know who did it!

  3. I need my daily sluggy fix, write something!


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