Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Decluttering P*rn....Bring it!

September is here.
That means Fall is in the air.
And what's that other thing in the air?
Can't you smell it?!
It's the smell of Decluttering....ok, if decluttering had a smell, it would be the cool breezes of Fall.
Work with me here people!

Here's what I culled last week and am sending off to charity this coming week.

2 Cherished Teddies figurines
1 Coleman ceramic trinket box
1 Garfield the cat necklace
2 Johnny Lightning die-cast cars
1 Hot Wheels car
1 Yahoo baseball cap
1 Curious George keychain
1 Kinder Egg toy
1 Monster stamp pin
12 Matchbox cars
1 camera w/camera case
2 Hallmark ornaments
3 Cherished Teddies ornaments
1 T-shirt
1 Emeril Cookbook
1 Lost in Space book
1 Boyds Bears pin
1 set of Cat Stationary
1 snail Flower Pot spike
1 vintage silver Serving Dish(it's collapsible, too cool, but I don't want to polish it)

5 Cherished Teddies
3 packs of Gift Wrap
2 R2-D2 Pez dispenser Toys
1 Got Beer? baseball cap
1 Dr. Seuss watch
1 set Wilton Halloween Cookie cutters
66  vintage Micheal Jackson pins(in the white bag)

Yes, I possess a big bag of vintage MJ pins from the "Thriller" album era.....back from when he had a nose. Check out the 4th pin for the nose.  Ok, so it isn't his 'original' nose but it's a pretty fine looking nose.

I bought them for a low price and have sold them on eBay now and again over the years.
I am tired of trying to unload these 4 at a time so I am letting them go to Salvation Army.

116 Items leaving the building...woot!
And I already have another load started.....more clutter busting coming up later this week.
Stay tuned.....



  1. When you post lists and pictures of what you are getting rid of, I always get excited and think--wow, I need that!

    Then, I think--no, I don't. I have my own junk to get rid of.

    At yard sales, I manage NOT to bring in the junk, but yours always looks more interesting, well, some of it does.

  2. Waving bye at your stuff - yay on decluttering!

    MJ should have stopped "tweaking" at the Thriller era. After that, all the (further) plastic surgery did him no good at all.

  3. You are on FIRE!!!!
    And I think dejunking smells musty. But that is just me.

  4. Practical P--lol. I am totally living proof that the 1st 50 years you spend acquiring crap and the next 50 you spend getting rid of it!

    Pretty--Yah, I second that thought! I thought his original face was just fine but he had to go and try to turn himself into a white Diana Ross...

    SonyaAnn--It all depends on where you store your junk. But that would explain why all Goodwill's, Sallies, etc. smell funky, right?

  5. The P*orn always brings me here & WOW MJ pins, my 7yo has "Beat It" on his Ipod LOL, MJ never dies! Hold on to those pins!

  6. Can you hear me clapping for you? Great job decluttering.


  7. I liked Michael Jackson's 80's nose too. Just the right size. I wonder what ever happened to it? Good job on the decluttering. I need to get back to it.
    Also, I have trouble accessing your blog particular computers. I don't know why but now I know that it's just some of them.

  8. How are you going to survive without the Michael Jackson buttons??!
    BTW: Good job.

  9. "I wonder what ever happened to it"



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