Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Back! & I'm on a Roll...a Nice Ranting Roll not Kaiser

Did y'all miss me while I was gone today? 
In a few minutes you will wish I was still out...lol

I hit the bread store.....$8.78 and 9 bread type products later.  It was Senior discount day(I forgot!)so I had to run the old people gauntlet.

What has happened to old people?
They use to be docile and sweet.
The ones I ran into(almost literally since they won't move out of the way!)today at the bread outlet were nuts.  One especially cutting in line ahead of me like they are entitled and giving me 'tude in a look that said, "if I had a shiv, I'd cut you just as soon as look at you".  If you wanted to get ahead of me you old bat, you could have asked nicely and I probably would have let you go first even though I was in line 5 MINUTES before you even thought of getting in the check-out line.  I don't care if you only have 3 items(hey! I only had 9!!) and I have alot of other places I need to get to today too.  Then you abandoned your cart in the middle of the aisle when that other cashier opened an aisle and took your 3 loaves, leaving it to gridlock our aisle.  Yes, because you were in such a big hurry to get back out to your Cadillac which had NO handicapped tags and was parked across TWO Handicapped Parking Spaces!
I should have keyed your car when I walked past it going into the store.....

Two more stops and a teen to the Orthodontist later and I finally get to the grocery store.

I hate you Weis Markets!
You decide to remodel the whole. fricking. store.
Nothing is where is use to be and your new discombobulated design makes NO. SENSE.
Products I like to buy are now banished from your shelves.  New(=more expensive)items are replacing them.
And the prices.

Every time I go, I notice prices have risen.....SHARPLY!
Way to Go Weis....using the excuse of a remodel to jack up the prices.
Spending money on the "atmosphere" of the place so you can justify jacking up prices not once, but twice or thrice.
I don't care if it looks like an abandoned warehouse inside, as long as the prices are good.

Yes, prices going up lately in this economy seems to be the refrain of the old song, but jacking them up every trip for the last three trips I've made to your store is INSANE!

I dread going back to the grocery store because I'll see the prices have gone up yet again.
If this keeps up, even with spending on the gas to get there, I may start shopping at the Weis in another town since the prices on the same items are lower.  I've compared them, item for item, and it's true!

And it was Senior Discount day at Weis too.....for the love of David Hasselhoff's Sainted Mother!


And it's almost October, right?
Why in gosh sakes is it so MUGGY???!!!
I came home and sat down and I am drenched in sweat!
And of course, the a/c units are in the garage and the pool is closed for the season since it's almost October and not suppose to be this warm here now!
Oh to be a 70 lb. gymnast and be able to fold myself up into a cube and put myself in the freezer!

And it's too hot to cook.
Seriously, who can cook in this heat/humidity?
I wish my stomach would figure out it's too hot to eat too.......ack!



  1. This is too funny! I HATE when grocery stores
    remodel! Prices are getting ridiculous...

  2. I think Wednesday is Senior Day around here.

    Have you noticed only the seniors have a bad attitude and the young'uns do, too, leaving only us middle-agers who are polite and pleasant to be around?? ;)

  3. I think people are becoming more rude. No one say’s excuse me any more, they just run you over or give you a glare. What happened to courtesy?

  4. LOL...discombobulated? A guy in California assured me that was not a word, then assured me it was a quaint "Southernism." Of course, I had to find it in modern writing on the internet, in archived reports of universities, and scientific writing. So, my Northern friend, you made my day.

    My 4 oz jar of pimiento that was $1.08 went to $1.18 in one week. That's not right! Onr national chain and one regional chain have eliminated items and added more store brands in their stead. No, won't do.

    I was in the library, talking to the librarian when an older friend came along and said, "Ohhhh."

    When I turned, she saw that she knew me and said, "Oh, I can interrupt YOU." Then she started asking the librarian something.

    I said, "Excuse me. No.Just wait until I finish what I was asking."

    Ex-friend said, "But, I have an dentist appointment in a little while, a few minutes. Can't I go first?"

    Me, frosted by now,"I am on my way to the doctor,so if you can let me finish, you can talk."

    Rude, ex-friend, "Well, I just thought you had time and would not mind if I hurried on out to my appointment with the doctor."

    HUH? I cannot hear rude people. I talked slowly as a Southerner can, thought of followup questions, and launched into a new topic where I needed help. Then, I inquired as to the librarian's mother's health. I wished the librarian a good day, told her the crush would die out soon, and laughed and commented on a display she had set up, and told her what a good job she always did with appropriate displays. The librarian did not seem the least bit in a hurry to get to the impatient patron.

    My, ex-friend would not even speak when I turned to go. She retired two years ahead of me and is doing really well in retirement, but her age and apparent superiority to me, not her senility or frailty trumped everything. Why in the Hell should I give way to someone because she is not working, collecting a hefty check, has all day to manage her affairs, and just wants to be first? I was still working, ekeing out a living.

    And, I don't want another retired person to say, "But, I am on a fixed income."

    The big Chryslers and Buicks are not going to survive they way these people drive. Widowmobiles (large, expensive cars) are expendable, or at least that seems to be the idea.

  5. I will help you key the old bat's car. Like old age means you don't have to have manners.
    I wish you could send me some warm weather. All it does is rain here. It's almost like England!

  6. Oh you dear woman!!! I hear you on keying that old wench's car. I've wanted to key a few myself over the years.
    We're living on wedding food leftovers right now, so that's saving some money, however the kids and hubs keep begging for NEW food...
    Payday's Saturday. they can live on wedding cake and ham until then.

  7. How are you guys holding up? I know there was more flooding

    My sister hates weis also..lol


  8. Ugh! What a day! It is almost always too hot to cook here. Thank GOD for ac.

  9. Aren't you elibible for the senior discount? I put on my hard hat and running shoes plus my invisibility cloak before I asked this question. I am serious and not just trying to get hurt.


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