Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Getting My Donation Act Together

Summer has almost come and gone here and I am finally getting my donation act together.
That only took me since late June to get back into my decluttering groove again.

Hauling a donation up to the local Food Bank is problematic for me.
Ya see, they are only open on Friday mornings....for 3 whole hours.
Add in that I don't "do" mornings, plus it was summer so there was no other reason like school in session to get me up at the unearthly hour of anytime before noon.
Do you see the problem now?

So here I am up at almost 3 am on Friday morning, blogging about this problem and typing up the list of stuff I am taking in later today.  At this point, I'll just stay up, deliver the goodies when they open for the day and come home for a nap.

Moving on to the are the Stockpile Sale leftovers I'm hauling up today.  Our food bank also takes non-food donations of personal hygiene products, paper goods(napkins, toilet paper, etc.)and cleaning products(laundry detergent, dish soap, etc.)

10 Shampoos
5 Body Washes
10 Deodorants
6 Toothbrushes
6 Feminine Products
25 Toothpaste Tubes
20 Diapers *not pictured*

Unfortunately, I have no food to add to this donation.  I have hardly done any deals this summer and the stockpile as well as the freezer is emptying out at an astonishing rate!  There was an awesome Catalina Promotion deal at Redner's a couple of weeks ago that would have let me get an embarrassing number of bottles of ketchup for a very low price.  But it coincided with the college packing and prep craziness week and I just couldn't make the trip all the way over to Redner's in time.
And ketchup is one thing that is always on the food bank ladies list of wants.
So this little collection of goodies will have to do for now.

Have you made a donation to your local food bank or shelter lately?
If you stockpile, go on and spread the deal love in your community, won't you?
Pick up an extra something when you go to the store and help feed those local folks struggling in this economy.



  1. I donate to my daughter who really needs the things I send her. Plus, the guy who mows my lawn gets a box of stuff. He goes to food banks, so this works, I guess, as a donation. Right now, I am filling another box for him or someone. In the fall, I give part of my abundance of pecans to the food bank. Last time, the guys manning the food bank thought the pecans were for them and started discussing how their wives could bake them a pecan pie...oh well. I am off today to get some $.99 Secret which my daughter and I both to find the coupons...

  2. I forgot to say that when I got the awesome deals at Office Max, I dropped some of my purchases in their donation box which went to our county schools. Children need school supplies all year long, but right at the beginning of school, it is super important. I bought about $200 worth of school supplies using my Max Perks rewards coupled with sales like one cent for 100 sheets of notebook paper.

  3. PracticalP--I'm all for informal donations! I prefer to give personally to family first and then friends. But sometimes I have things the family/friends don't want/need any more of, so to the local food bank it goes. ;-)

    I usually do the BTS deals and get extra school supplies to donate but I only bought some notebooks this year at Rite-Aid and a couple of binders for #2 son at Walmart. No big shopping trips for me lately.

    Good for you for giving.
    I wish I went your food bank....bags of pecans sound extra good to me!lol

  4. YAY for donating, Sluggy!!! :)

    I donate throughout the year: family and friends that need help, the annual Post Office Stamp Out Hunger food drive, the FCCLA food drive (through school). Then I also like to do what Practical P does: I collect items and give them to the school. It makes me feel good to be able to donate; I now need to get my act together and start stockpiling some more. I am getting low on supplies. YIKES!

  5. AMarie--Staples is having another good sales ad for school supplies coming out on Sunday. I might just leave the house and check that one out.

  6. I know your donations will be greatly appreciated. Right now, our donations go to our adult children. They need them and we are happy to be able to help them out. Someday, they won't need our help and we can donate to others.

  7. You are a dear for all that you do. And you do it with such grace and poise or should I say depends?
    And I think that your little list on the side of the blog is a dig towards me. Hmmmm,"Process tomatoes,Can tomatoes" Are you talkin' to me?

  8. Frances--Your priorities are spot first. 8-)

    SonyaAnn--Yes, I do it with
    Actually, it's not a SA dig, it's a Sluggy dig. These tomatoes are still sitting here talking to ME to come deal with them. Don't get all Taxi Driver on me now!lol

  9. Son just left for Philly on Saturday, and I compiled three paper grocery bags *full* of stockpile items for him to take along. The funny part was that he tried really hard to leave them behind. I seriously don't understand why because it's a new apt with nothing in it, so those rolls of paper towels, TP, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, not to mention soap, 'poo, razor, AND all the food will all get used, I have no doubt. I think he's just embarrassed by my stockpile. But it's smaller now - LOL! I will have more for the foodbank's next pick up, or I can take bags of stuff over to the nearby UPS Store to leave there and they get it to the foodbank once a week.

  10. Pretty--That's weird he didn't want the goodies! Mine have no compunction when it comes to raiding the
    Maybe he's just trying to make it seem like he doesn't need parental help....these kids get that pride thing going sometimes. 8-)


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