Monday, September 19, 2011

A 7 Post.....Play Along

I am stealing this Post Idea from Judy over at We May Be Poor, But We Are Happy.  

It's about SEVEN THINGS.....the things we have done in this year to make your lives better, 7 things you still want to do, and 7 goals for next year.
Since I don't have debt any longer, you won't see any pay-offs of loans here.  It's a bit harder to come up with accomplishments for me. ;-)

7 Things We Have Done This Year

1. Paid for College w/cash
2. Put over $22,000 into Savings
3. Kept my Grocery Speding to an average of $207 month
4. Paint Half Bath after 11 years here
5. Donated to Food Bank and Salvation Army
6. Held 2 successful Toiletries Sales
7. Had a Garden

7 Things Still To Do This Year

1. Go through all boxes in storage
2. Sell and/or Donate inventory in boxes
3. Close Pool down/Clean up Yard
4. Sew Stuff
5. Put another $10000 into Savings
6. Clean the Garage-yet again

7 Things To Do in 2012

1. Redo Bathroom
2. Paint Living Room/Dining Room
3. Replace flooring in LR/DR
4. Fix Ceilings
5. Pay cash for more College
6. Go through Fabric Stash
7. De-Clutter

So what are your accomplishments?
And what do you still want to get done this year and in 2012?

Aaaargh.....I'm off to get another load from storage, matey! 




  1. What a great list! Arrgghhh I forgot it was talk like a pirate day


  2. Aye Matey,

    You always make me feel like a slacker with all your lists! You make much better progress with yours. I seem to fizzle out and lose interest on so many of those challenges.

    Good on ya!

  3. At first I thought you wrote, Paint "half of the" bath. And I thought to myself, geez, that must be some huge bathroom that it took her 11 years to only paint of of it.

  4. Maybe just getting out of bed should be on my list. I'm having a terrible time just getting going any more.

  5. LOL! I love your piratey accent!
    You accomplished a lot! I guess I'd feel accomplished if I just cleaned the bathroom.

  6. Judy--Well I can't expect you to remember everything, can I?lol

    LisaPie--That's not to say that I don't fizzle out a lot too! Just look at all the NON-sewing I've done this year.lolol
    How is that Tea Challenge going, speaking of challenges? ;-)

    Mark--lol And I didn't even paint it. I painted the ceiling about 7 years ago but I had to pay one of the kids to paint the walls this summer. See how bad I am about following thru on completing jobs?lol

    SonyaAnn--Aw, cut yourself some slack! Some days just getting out of bed IS the accomplishment for me.....oh, you have no

    McVal--Thank ya You will notice that cleaning(other than decluttering or organizing)is NEVER on my list! Hmmm, I wonder why that is????lolol
    You seriously have NO TIME to clean a bathroom...geez!!

  7. I love pirates!!!

    I decided to have no goals. That way, I won't feel back about having no accomplishments.

  8. Frances--After the Holidays I'm going to lay back and be a big old slug and do NOTHING....ok, maybe I'll drink!lol Wanna join me?

    I think You and Hubs should dress up as pirates for Halloween.


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