Monday, August 1, 2011

What Food I Bought in July...A Big Boring List Only for Other Nerd's Eyes

My good blogging buddy, Annie Jones, over at Real Life Living posts what she buys every month. The way she tells it, it shows people that she really does get a lot of food for the little amount she spends each month. You can eat well and still be frugal.

I think it's helpful to see it all written down in one place so you can gauge how you are doing with the food money each month.

So I thought this was a real good idea and decided to steal borrow her idea and post all the food I buy in a month to feed my family of 4-5.
Besides, I am a big fat NERD who likes doing this!

For July, we had 3 people at home--2 adults and a 15 yr. old teen boy. 
 I stockpile items when they are rock bottom price, so besides the obvious fresh produce & dairy, this list is not necessarily ALL we ate in July.  We may have items on the list we didn't buy to consume this month and we may have eaten many items already canned or in the freezer from past stocking-up.  But it shows you how far you can make your money go by buying on discount, bulk, sale and paring coupons and/or rebates with the deals.

Here's the food items, including pet foods, I bought in July for an out of pocket of $175.27 after rebates.
This list doesn't include the few toiletries I bought where I actually had to pay money for them(not bought at Rite-Aid).

Chicken    13 lbs.
Hot Dogs   3 packages
Turkey Lunchmeat   2 packages
Steak   10.5 lbs.
Ground Beef   5.75 lbs.
Pork Ribs  7.5 lbs.
Kielbasa   5 lbs.
Ham Steak   1
Scrapple   1

Fish 2 lbs.

Salad   2 bags
Watermelon  3
Cucumber    2
Cantaloupe   1
Yellow Squash   4.50 lbs.
Broccoli   1 lb.
Lettuce   1 head
Corn   4 ears
Red Bell Pepper   2
Onions   2 lbs.
Tomatoes   1
Raisins box   1

Milk gallon  3/quart   1
Eggs dozen  2.5
Cheese  8
Sour Cream   2
Cream Cheese   2


Bread loaves   13
Hot Dog Rolls   2
Donuts, Danish, Cake  12 boxes
Bagels 6-pack  1
Croissants   4

Nutella   1

Vinegar   1

Peanuts   2
Cookies  3
Doritos   2
Potato Chips   4

Candy Bars   2
Gum   2
Sample Chocolate Boxes   8
Choc. covered Cherries   2

Soda-12 packs  11
Ginger-Ale 2 ltr.   1
Kool-Aid packets  50
Amp energy drinks  4
100% Juice   1
Green Tea single bottle   1
Iced Coffee single cans   2

Ice Cream   2  1.75 quarts
Frozen Fruit Bars   2 boxes
Croutons    4
Whack Biscuit Rolls   3
Sauerkraut   1
Flavor-Ice   2
Breakfast Cereal   2

I didn't realize until I saw this list that I had bought so much meat in July!  We could stand to up the fresh produce consumption though.  I know #2 son was home this month as the milk, bakery products and soda purchases were much   I used a lot of +Up Rewards to buy junk food at Rite-Aid this month....chips, peanuts, gum, chocolate, soda drinks....

So what foods did you buy in July?



  1. My list is up for July. It was heavy on produce, which is good. August will be over the top on meat, since we're buying a whole hog. I think I will make it a "special" category...average in at the end of the year, but not include it in August's purchases. It's all the same in the end, but somehow doing it that way will make me feel better. LOL!

  2. BTW, I've never bought scrapple, although I've made it. It's kind of hard to find here. I usually only see cornmeal mush (no meat in it). Do you just pan fry yours?

  3. AnnieJ--the whole hog.....averaging it at the end of the year(or just averaging it into each month)will make you feel better but it won't make your wallet happy in

    Scrapple is all over around here....I first tried it in college in MD tho I was raised in the south...go I pan fry it...thin and real crunchy. The kids swear by drenching it in


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