Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Great Minds I Know....Both Frugal in Their Own Way

I want to talk about 2 fellow bloggers today.

Annie Jones did THIS POST yesterday on her blog.
I have to say that I think she is my Cosmic Twin.
Because here is a shot of what's above my sink......

Yep, I've got a sink clothesline too!lol
Great minds DO think alike!

At the moment we have no ziploc bags on it.....
Notice that it's also a barbecue tool holder(you can't see the meat fork and long handled spatula in the shadows on the left)and restaurant grade tongs holder.
Hubs put this up about a year ago?...I think.  The old bag drying workaround was hanging them by a bottom corner from the closed cabinet doors upsidedown.  Sometimes that worked and sometimes they fell into the very wet draining mat.

In other news.....

Lookit what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!
A $20 check from Toluna.
My first $20 check from them.
It only took me how many months?......4 or 5 months to get this?
And the only reason I got it this quickly is because half the surveys I didn't get dropped out of before completing them where ones they wanted my teenage son to answer.  So I guess I should give half of this money to him, right?
IF I tell him it came. didn't hear anything about this from me!

I doubt I'll ever get as prolific as SonyaAnn with Toluna.  She's up to $200 or something for this year so far! 
She's my Toluna Idol.



  1. I think SonyaAnn's sleeping with Mr. Toluna.

  2. Well, I feel so important and I think my house needs a sink clothesline.
    Thank you for the blog love, I'm going to smoke a cigarette now.

  3. Honestly... My son dumped a full can of pop into the pop can bin and I had to rinse out a white garbage bag this morning. I seriously wondered if my family would let me get away with hanging it up above the sink...
    Great job on the Toluna thing! I may need to dig into that more. As in, remember my password, etc.

  4. Great minds DO think alike. Mine is not so great....I do not have a ziploc clothesline. Sometimes we do hang them over drinking glasses to dry after rinsing.


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