Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T Minus 9 Days Until #2 Teen Hits The College Campus

We are just over 1 week before we transport Daughter and all her "stuff" to college for her first semester of school.

Blogging buddy SonyaAnn sent her daughter off to college for the first time last August.  She has a very comprehensive College/Dorm List on her blog HERE that she used to get her daughter's supplies ready for the "Big Move".

My daughter keeps finding more and more things she feels are VITAL to take so she can survive 3 months at school.  I keep reminding her that she has to fit everything into a room the size of the one she has now, but along with a roommate and all her crap too!  I have a feeling we will be hauling some of what she insists she has to take back home on Move-In Day.

I've spent the last few days getting my daughter ready for her first Big Move In to her dorm.  It's not as much so that we don't forget's more to keep her from boxing everything she owns and taking it with

Here's my version of "The List of Stuff".  Everything in black we still need.  Everything in green we had already or got for free.  Everything we had to buy is in red.

Black Marker
Paper Clips
Pencil Sharpener 
Laptop(this was her high school graduation gift)
Backpack/Computer Bag
Comforter(I bought this in June on clearance) $17
Sheet Set $13
Sheet Set
Dorm Fridge $70
Alarm Clock
Coffeemaker(Used a free gift card for this, so paid $3OOP)
Towels  $6
Shower Caddy  $3
Assorted Toiletries
Assorted OTC Meds
Prescription Meds
Desk Lamp
Light bulbs
Trash Can
Ethernet Cable
Cell Phone
Cell Phone Charger
Flash Drive
TV Cable-on her dime, not mine
Dry Erase Board
Shoes and Boots
Facial Tissue
Women's paper products
Beauty products
Laundry Soap
Laundry Bag
Stain Remover
Hair products
Hair brush
Hair ties
Hair Dryer
Sewing Kit
Tool Kit
Lanyard(for room key, student ID-will buy this in the bookstore at school)
Medical Card
Driver's License
Debit Card(for her account) 

We've got about 8 more things to buy before we get to campus.  Any assorted school supplies(stationary type stuff we don't bring)she can get at the bookstore.  We might hold off on the rug since she isn't sure about her housing at this point.  They put her with a roommate but when she contacted the roommate 2 weeks ago, RM told her that she is NOT going to be rooming with Daughter.  Seems instead of putting D with another freshman, they paired her up with an upper classwoman who now says she is being moved elsewhere.  School policy is if your roommate assignment doesn't happen then they will "consolidate" you into another room needing a body(she's in a double, not a single room).  So she won't get to keep a double room to herself and she has no clue what room and with whom she will be 'consolidated".
What a way to run a school!

So the fridge will not be removed from the box in case it needs to be returned, if it turns out to be redundant.   And no rug until we get there.  I can run to the local Kmart or something if it's needed.

I am hoping to finish up buying what little is left today, if I can stand being in a car with D today.
I tell ya, she is leaving not a moment too soon!
I have one little tiny nerve left and she is climbing all over it......

I will tell you that when we sent off #1 son 2 years ago, it didn't seem to be this much stuff or as big of a "Production".  I spent less on getting him sent off.
I guess it's the "girl factor".lol

Are you sending off a kid to college this year?   How are you handling the acquiring of needs/wants?

I've spent $116 give or take a couple of bucks on her List of Things(not counting the laptop which was her graduation gift).  I'm estimating another $150 to get what is left.  I wanted to keep this at or under $250.  

Do you have a budget for your teen's college stuff?  Are you staying close to it?  How do you feel about buying/gathering all the things they say they need to go away to school?



  1. If you wouldn't mind, I'll be bothering you for this info in about 7 years. And if John doesn't go to school, then it will be 9 years before Claire does.
    If anyone can get this organized, you can.

  2. I tried to send Kat off to college, but they say she needs to finish grades 3 through 12 first. What a way to run a school!

  3. Wow! This brings back memories. Fortunately, I am not doing this amymore. I always hated saying goodbye when it was time for me to go home.


  4. Wow! You are so organized!!! If I just remember my purse on the day we move Mads to college, I'll consider myself lucky!

  5. Nice list...I'll need it too in 4 years. I bet it seems like yesterday when she was a freshman in HS. Time flies!

  6. Mark--You are welcomed to the list! Between mine and SonyaAnn's, we'll get ya covered. Of course, the boy edition of the list is so much less work/ least mine

    AnnieJones--Really! I agree. ;-)

    Precious--I am looking forward to when I do NOT have to do this I know I'll shed a tear or two once we get her dropped off and head back home.

    McVal--lol Just hot glue the purse to your hand. I'm sure we'll forget TONS of's inevitable.

    Sheila--Some days it flies, other times it It seems like just yesterday that she was getting suspended from middle school....but that's a whole other story! ;-)

  7. Wow! What a production! I am so glad Samantha lived at home the first year and collected stuff over the year for when she moved out.

  8. Can you get all that in one vehicle? If I were unsure of the rug, I would take it with me anyway and return it when you get back home. The reason--do you really want to go shopping on move-in day? The cube refrigerator? It seems each person would need her own. That way, your food is in your refrigerator. Oh, why do you think they make those things with a lock and key? For college dorms! Her attitude is just anxiety about leaving. Maybe she needs a hug. Oh, hug her a little too Maybe she will hug you...all before you even start to the college

    How many towels did you get for $6? It seems no towel is less than $3, even on sale.

    When I went to school as a freshman, I lived in 3 bedroom house..two girls in each of two rooms. And, dorm mother in separate room. One girl owned an ironing board and would NOT let me borrow it. So, I had to buy my own and an iron. Yet, they borrowed from me without asking when I was not present. I sooooo hated that place at times like that.

  9. Thank you for the link love! Now I need a cigarette.
    We did ok with everything this year. She wanted a new comforter so she bought that and she tried to single handedly wipe out all of my beauty supply stockpile. I will replenish it.
    And she kept everything pretty much together in her closet(in bins) and her grandmother's garage(frig and stiff like that. So it wasn't too bad gathering everything back up.
    Keep me posted on how its going.


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