Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry I've not been around enough to post this week.
I've been reading blogs some and I'll get to all the comments on mine soon.

Hubs was able to take this week off and we're having a bit of a Staycation here.
Some lunches out, some pool time, some just doing nothing and 1 small trip/activity.
This is in between lots of appointments and hauling teens around.

Maybe we'll do a movie today.
Maybe not.
Just going with the flow as they say.....

And newsflash.....I haven't stepped foot into Rite-Aid yet this week.
Nothing is expiring this week so I might just not darken their door until Sunday or Monday. ;-)

Here's hoping y'all have a nice weekend!
Anybody got any plans??



  1. I think Rite-Aid might go bankrupt without you. m.

  2. Oh my goodness! No RiteAid? NOW how will I spend my weekend? I usually sit in awe of you all weekend after your trips and dream of someone building a RiteAid around here! ;P
    You have a nice weekend too!

  3. Mark-LOL
    You deserve some down time. Just get the kids off and have some private time. Did I go too far?
    I have to move Anna back tomorrow and I have bronchitis. And just for fun, I am supposed to go to brunch with Anna's boyfriend's parents. I've coughed so much I look stoned. Great.

  4. Mark--Actually if I stayed away more, Rite-Aid would see bigger profits since I never give them actual money!LOLOL

    McVal--Keep might get what you wish for some day. ;-)

    SonyaAnn--Did you survive the move in? And the brunch?


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