Monday, August 1, 2011

July Food Spending Week 4.....4 Shopping Trips but Frugal

I am going to update each week in July on my food spending. After the last 2 months of going over, maybe this will help me stay on track more if all of y'all are watching me.....watching me in a good way, not the bad, creepy way. ;-)

Between July 24th and 31st I made 4 trips to the grocery store! 
I spent a total of $54.40.  
The 1st 2 trips were to Weis Markets and the Bread Outlet.  I talked about those on this post HERE.
Hubs picked me up a gallon of white vinegar for $2.99, which was the 3rd trip.  For trip #4, on Saturday he bought some fresh ground beef and 1 tomato for burgers on the grill.  He also picked up a gallon of milk for the 15 yr. old milk guzzling machine that resides with
With the $54.40 spent last week, I have a grand total spent in July of $200.24 for food, or $175.27 after I deduct the cash rebates received in July.
I think by staying focused on the weekly totals, it helped me keep to my budget better than last month.
If you recall, June's food spending was $348.05.  I have halved that total in July.

I have already checked out this week's sales ads, so now I am off to peer into the freezer and pantry and come up with a Meal Plan for the week.

How about you?  Are you eating from your pantry/stockpile this week?   Or are the sales ads tempting you to spend at the stores?


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  1. In my case it wasn't so much the ads/flyer deals as it was a need to use up good $1 coupons that expired Sun 7/31. But now that I've done that, I'm seriously hoping to back off my weekly spending even more. Of course, I say that just about every month with little to no actual success... heh.


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