Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Pulled the Plug Last Week

Yes folks, in the face of the Netflix increase since they are going to pricing Streaming separately from DVD mailing, I shut it all down.
No more Netflix in this house.
I had to do it on principle really.
Yes, I could have afforded the 60% price increase to keep both delivery systems.
But it really chapped my butt like an ammonia soaked diaper to pay that jacked up $17.99 price for the same exact service I had been paying $9.99 for.
So I blew both off.

I may calm down at some point and miss it enough to resub to one or the other.
But for now, I'm going cold turkey on Netflix.

How about you?
Are you a subscriber?
Are you paying the jacked up full service price or did you go to one or the other?
Are you as delighted with the price increase as I am?



  1. We got nothin' in our house. No one likes it but me but they aren't paying the bills.

  2. HA! I cannot afford the $9.99! I just watch Hulu and am pretty unhappy that they went to subscription for most all their movies. I search forever to find a free one. I screwed up and kept a DVD from the library too long and owe the library $7 for the fine. I will be working that out tomorrow or the day after. Stick by your principles.

  3. I am a cable t.v. junkie. I watch and record so many shows it is just crazy. I don't know from netflix.

  4. Good for you Sluggy! I so would do the same but hubs is addicted to TV, we don't have Netflix but Verizon Fios w/its hundreds of channels. That much TV drives me CrAzY!

  5. I'll need to ask Fred. I know that we have it and I'm sure that he is aware of the increase. I would hate to lose it since I'm so used to it now. I hope to stay plugged. m.

  6. I keep my Netflix on hold most of the time, and just reactivate it when there is a series my husband wants to watch or a bunch of documentaries get released that I can't see elsewhere. I don't care for streaming, so for us the price actually will go down for just the DVDs. I understand not wanting to pay that much of an increase, though, for those that it affects.

  7. We love our Netflix, but never used the streaming option, so we chose to go with the Disc Only option. I hope they keep the discs available and don't eventually go to streaming only. THEN I'd be angry...

  8. I feel your pain Slugmama. DH and I were also shocked when we got the notice that it was going up. However we watch a lot of movies and DVD's. I couldn't find any way through my researching it, that any other service would be cheaper for us. So we are biting the bullet and keeping it.


  9. I also was a bit irritated when I noticed the price increase. It's funny though, in the summer we use streaming more and in the fall/winter we use disks more so I think I will fluctuate between the two. We have a red box near by and that helps. Turns out their move will save us $2 per month:)

  10. We are as thrilled as you are. We are cancelling the discs. We only get 4 or 5 a month and figured for $8, we can get 8 movies from Redbox. We do watch a lot of streaming, so will keep that option.

  11. I was "lucky" I guess in that I only use the streamine part of the service anyway, so as far as my wallet is concerned, I'm still paying $7.99/mo to Netflix for the same thing I was before. If I want to rent a newer movie on disc, I wait for a freebie Redbox code -- there are kiosks at every store near my house. I am now catching up on a few dozen old TV shows I always wanted to watch but never had the time or opportunity :)

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