Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye Hurricane Holly, Hello Hurricane Irene

Yesterday was spent ushering out Hurricane Holly.
AKA driving my Daughter across PA to college for the first time.

The last few days here have felt like a Hurricane.....albeit an emotional teenage Hurricane.
Young love drama.
Leaving home and going somewhere I don't know anyone drama.
Take everything you own and worrying that you forgot something drama.

We have been witnesses to most of this drama.
Her father and I the "bear the brunt of her anxieties & rollercoasting emotions from thrilled one minute to deepest despair the next" adult bystanders.
We've helped where we could with organizing and offered sage old people advise and a shoulder to cry on when nothing else would do.
Now that we have deposited her at school, we are just wrung out and are in need of some relaxation and quiet time.

Just in time to greet a new Hurricane, Irene.
I called my brother and his wife yesterday.  They live in the town due west, next to Virginia Beach, VA.
My deceased oldest brother's house is 1.5 blocks from the oceanfront in Va. Beach.
My brother and his wife and assorted family there are staying put.  Not that they have anywhere to go that's out of the path of Irene.  Please hold them in your prayers.

Even little old me and ours are in the path of Irene.  We are east of the I-81 corridor and within the pink "Extreme Damage" area on the map.  We won't get any flooding or surge damage but we are flash flood prone around here.

I worry here about the wind damage more.  We are in the light turquoise "widespread damage" band.
The ground here is so saturated from the abundant rains this summer that more rain and high winds may uproot trees.  And we have some perfect very tall candidates in our yard for uprooting.  Luckily our power lines are underground but the larger lines are not.

We'll be ok I know....just very soggy when it's over.

If you are in the path of this my bloggy friends (Sheila in NC, Mark, Ron, et al), please stay safe!



  1. My daughter is in Brooklyn. I will worry about you, too, now.

  2. Practical--Your daughter and family should be fine if she stays put inside. I used to work in the Red Hook section near the Battery Tunnel in Brooklyn. What section of Bk'lyn does she live in? She will be ok in Bk'lyn, southern Long Island I'm not so sure about. 8-)

  3. She lives in Dyker Heights. She is on the ocean side, not the other side that is/was in sight of wtc. She is 10 or 20 minutes to the beach. I do hope she stays put and does not venture out. She is on the second story of a house, not an apt building, and not on the ground story. Her sil is on Long Island. I wonder if they might come to her house.

    The granddaughter, Kayla, provides some comic relief. I was talking to her yesterday about all the free school supplies I sent that she had just opened. I tell her about the free stuff and cheap stuff (1 pack notebook paper for one cent) so that it will give her something to aspire to.She is 10 and shrieks in approval or anything, just shrieks everything she says when excited...cute, though. I was asking what they had bought for supplies. She told me flashlights, batteries, candles, generator...hold on I am thinking. I asked her if they were going to use it outdoors. She said she did not know. When I told her that using a generator indoors would kill them, suffocate them from carbon monoxide, she turned and shrieked the information to her mother. My daughter was saying in the background that it was NOT that kind of generator, some sort of battery thing, just to run a fan and a few lights.

    This is hard for me, probably harder for me than my daughter. So, what do you know about Dyker Heights?

  4. Practical--Looks like NY didn't get hit bad, thankfully. I'm sure her being on the 2nd floor would have helped had they suffered enough flooding to get to her neighborhood. You can stop worrying about everyone now....well, at least for this

  5. I am SO glad you are all okay. I watched Irene coverage most of the time I was on vacation. I know exactly how scary it can be.

  6. Frances--Irene was mildish here. Been through much worse growing up in Virginia Beach. But of course, the folks around here in non-hurricane land were slack jawed in amazement at the

  7. Sluggy, I'm glad to see you made it through. Our power just came back three hours ago.
    Take care. m.

  8. I am glad you are all okay. My family is in Albany, NY. Lots of flooding and uprooted trees and downed powerlines.


  9. Mark--Glad to see you & the family are aok. No power, huh? That's rough. Did you have a spare box of wine to get you through? I hope so... ;-)

    Precious--Glad your kids made it through ok too. Seems the storm weakened just about the time it hit up here. That was good for all of us.


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