Friday, August 19, 2011

Garden Update & Don't Believe Everything Your Spouse Tells You

Seems the garden is petering out here already.
Except for 1 item.
Can you guess what that is?.....

4 more cukes the other night and I have 3 Hubs picked last night sitting on the patio table outside.  Still on the vine I saw 6 more this morning, not counting the ones we missed along the way that have bloated up and gone bad.

And something is eating my tomatoes now.....not something bug-like, but something much larger.  It's not the rabbits since these tomatoes are a good 3 foot off the ground(think higher than the top rung of a tomato cage).  We've either got a deer in the yard at night or birds eating them.  There is a large population of bats around so I am thinking maybe some bats?
Whatever it is, it is not good.

Due to some creaky old age knee issues I have, I have not been able to bend over to weed the beds.  This is what happens to a garden when you can't convince anybody else in the family to weed anything....even for money......
And this is AFTER I tried pulling weeds yesterday and about became a lawn ornament due to not being able to get back up.

And I must tell you that my "Left Brained Husband" has struck again.

He did the planting this Spring for me.
He even made a nice little diagram of "what got planted where" for me.
Wasn't that nice of him?

Here's that diagram....
The bottom bed notes that it was planted with "Greens, Greens, Tomatoes" on the back row and "Greens, Radishes, Tomatoes" on the front row.
I asked him what he meant by "Greens".
He had no clue.

Well fast forward 6 weeks and Radishes came up where noted.  Since the Tomatoes where put in as seedlings, I knew those were correct according to the diagram.  Greens must have meant salad greens since I had an empty Mesculun Mix seed packet, and that is what came up between the Radishes and the Tomatoes in the front, and again, over on the left in the front row.  So we had mystery plants in the other 2 "Greens" areas, since they were definitely not "Greens" at this point, beyond being Green in color.
Fast forward another few weeks and these appeared where "Greens" were planted....
Hubs had planted a type of melon(outside like a watermelon/round and inside like a cantaloupe) in the side bed, not the back bed where these were growing.  Silly me assumed these were those melons.

Then the melons changed....

Yes, they are Pie Pumpkins!lol
Well I now assume that these are Pie Pumpkins because I found an empty seed packet that held pie pumpkin seeds at one time.
And the way the vines are dying off this week, they should be ready to pick very soon.

Now over where he actually noted that he had planted pumpkins we have this....
Actual Pumpkins and a bumper crop of weeds.

I misspoke when I said all the pumpkin vines were dying off,  Evidently 2 vines didn't get that memo....
This vine and another one just to the right of the photo are taking over the deck.
I think the pumpkin vines are envious of the cucumber vines.
We have full blown plant gang activity in my yard.
Jets and Sharks.
Bloods and Crips.
They got nuthin' on Cukes and Gourds.

I'm just glad neither is armed with weaponry.



  1. What a "wild" neighborhood you live in. m.

  2. LOL! Some aspects of gardening I do not miss :)

  3. LOL! My husband, as a kid, was told to plant the garden. He took the whole package of zucchini seeds and threw them all under a rock in the corner. He could always say they must have had a bad year that they didn't come up... He hated them anyway... Well, that year, ALL the seeds took off and grew out from under that rock. No way he could hide his laziness!

  4. LOL I have never seen vines take over a deck in my entire life! You and your hubs have a couple of green thumbs!

  5. How funny- surprise pumpkins. I always love the idea of a garden, but your struggles with getting the weeding done remind me how much I don't like having to work. Haha!

  6. Mark--The 'hood around here is anything but

    Pretty--Oh, you KNOW you miss it. ;-)

    PracticalP--You got that right! Have to find a deal on whipped cream first

    McVal--lol...I think everyone should throw zuke seeds under a rock like your Hubs. He was a child prodigy!

    SonyaAnn--Actually Hubs has not a green thumb. He kills house plants just be being in the same house with them. I'm scared this vine on the deck is blood thirsty and wants to eat the

    ape2016--At least this time it's a good surprise!lol I always have grand plans I can't physically complete but none of the younguns share my vision...sigh...
    Thanks for leaving a comment. 8-)

  7. I love the way you presented your garden update. I had a good laugh and at the same mesmerized by how well you presented it on a light note. Cheers!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful garden update! You've just made my day much better! It was very amusing!


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