Friday, December 13, 2019

Frugal Friday....the December 13th Edition

A quick look around Chez Sluggy finds these frugal-ish wins this past week........

*  No Weis freebie(every time I go to a partcular Weis there are always out of it by the time I get there)but I did stack a "Buy One/Get Two Free" Perdue chicken parts deal with an $1/2 IPQ AND $3 in Instant Meat Discount stickers to get 10 lbs. of B/SCB for under $1.40 per lb.  I'll call that a win. ;-)

* I found money!

The week started off nice with this sweet quarter found at Rite-Aid on Monday.

Then another penny by a self-checkout at Weis the same day.

Another penny at the liquor store by the register.  Who says drinking won't make you wealthy?!? ;-)

Then a dime over by the office door at Rite-Aid.  I need to start hanging out at that location in my store more because I found a quarter over there last month too!

And this assemblage of pennies was found at the drive-thru window at Burger King.  I stopped to get a $1 order of french fries to treat the puppies on Wednesday.  I opened my car door while I waited for my fries and spied these coins.  Kim will be proud of me for being able to scoop them up while NOT falling out of the car.(It was close but I remained in the car.)lolz  These babies had to be Purel-ed and washed when I got home BIGTIME!

*  I got a whole .25¢ last week in Ibotta rebates. go me. lolz

*  I did another Weis survey for another 100 points toward a free Christmas protein item this month.

*  I've begun wrapping presents having pulled out all the frippery for that job from various hiding places in the house/garage.  I haven't bought a tag/bow/paper/bag/tape this year(or last year)to get the job done so no money spent on the wrappings.

*  I mailed two packages of presents out this past week.  I checked what various services were going to cost online(YIKES!!!)and went with Fedex as they were slightly less expensive.  When I got to the Fedex shipping store the employee gave me "$5 off when you spend $15 on shipping" coupons to use so I saved $10 total on shipping which made Fedex a Good Deal as opposed to UPS or USPS.  Yeah!

That's about it for this week except for my Rite-Aid "buys" which I'll talk about tomorrow.

What frugal wins did y'all have this week?
It's a hard time of year to stay frugal(what with the Consumer Bacchanalia of the Holidays)but every way you can keep ca$h in your pocket is a win!




  1. Tommy and I each got a free turkey and box with the fixings for a turkey dinner.

  2. Well if you fell out don't admit it becasue I would laugh. I have not found money in such a long time. But the other day I was on my way into Rite Aid and I was thinking of you and I looked down and there was a penny! Camels were gathering there was a start in the east.....

  3. My Old Navy Jean Jacket buys, three at $ .97 has to be my deal of the decade! Way to go finding all that money.

  4. Honeycrisp apples at $.99/lb at Shop'n'Save (a western PA chain) was my best bargain of the week. The husband and I have been cleaning out a lot of clutter this week and helping others to be frugal. I took Reader's Digests and back issues of his Civil War magazines to our community mailbox pavilion, and they were snapped up rather quickly. Unfortunately, two large bags of small quilting cotton fabric scraps were still sitting there after 24 hours. I just hate to throw things like that in the garbage.


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