Friday, December 27, 2019

Frugal Friday...........December 27th Edition

A look around finds these frugal happenings for this past week...........

*  A earned a free meat item at Weis.

Since I already have 2 turkey breasts in the freezer as well as a smoked bone-in ham(I got free at Thanksgiving time at Weis(PMITA)Markets)I chose this boneless ham.  It's good to live in the fridge until Mid March so I have plenty of time to make room in the freezer for it.

The receipt showing what it cost if I didn't get it for free with Weis Points.  I had almost 600 points(only used 400 for the ham), most of those were earned doing surveys and not from spending $$ at Weis.

*  I earned $4.70 in Ibotta this past week.  Mostly that was at Weis, not Rite-Aid.  There was a $2 Hatfield ham rebate good at Weis, but the single ham steaks also qualified.  Ham steaks were 2/$5, got $4 in Ibotta rebates so they ended up costing .50¢ each.

*  I got the Weis freebie last week.........

Just what I needed after getting that GALLON jar of olives at the Amish discount grocery that week before for $3.99.....another free small jar of olives. lolz

*  I found money!

Another quarter at R-A in the corner by the register peeking out from the floor mat last Friday.

Then this crusty, salt laden penny, also at R-A, next to the cigarette butt holder outside by the front door on Friday.

Another quarter in the same spot in front of the register at Rite-Aid on Sunday.

This penny at Malacari's produce that same day.
There was another penny I forgot to photograph that day at Rite-Aid as well.  Total of .27¢ on Saturday.

This nickel was found at Rite-Aid on Sunday in the middle of the entrance as I walked in right out in the open.  Sweet.

This dime was found, where else but Rite-Aid, back in the Pharmacy area on Tuesday.

And another crusty penny found that same day on the sidewalk outside of Rite-Aid.

The day after Christmas I got dragged out "after Xmas shopping" and I found these two pennies in Staples.  I didn't buy anything so I was "up" 2¢ for the day. lol
Grand Total of last week's take........... .71¢.  8-)))

*  I combined a 3 day Q(Spend $15 on select Beauty items/Get $5 off)at Rite-Aid with an In-Ad $2/1 Nivea lip balm/men's items and a 50% clearance on one type of Nivea shave cream with 2 Cover Girl deals(1-Spend $15/Get $5 BC 2-$5 BC wyb certain CG foundation monthly)to buy this stuff.........

Should have been $10.51 spent in BC and $15 earned back in BC.
Of course I bought the wrong Cover Girl foundation(should have bought the Matte finish)so I had to return them and bought the  correct ones(they were $1 more each than what I bought so I couldn't just exchange).  I got $8.51 back in BC AND $9.28 in cash(huh?? prolly all those Qs I used).
The the return/rebuy I "spent" $9.76 in BC and earned back $20 in new BC because rebuying 2 Cover Girl triggered the weekly $5 wyspend $15 CG deal again, so the 2 x $5 CG foundation worked and the $5 wyspend $15 G worked again.

I should make mistakes like that on purpose more often.  ;-)

That's about it for this week.  Christmas and having family here has kept me from going out and spending money lately.

What frugal wins happened to y'all this past week?
Tell me all about it!



  1. I did a quick shop and scored gifts for younger children BDays, wrapping paper replenish, and coffee-lots of coffee and should be goo until May.

  2. Not fair you just live where people throw money on the ground.

  3. I swear you are just a money magnet!!! The biggest "savings" we had was going to IKEA today and walking out with NOTHING....I don't think that has ever happened before!!! We found the bookcase we want, but until we figure out a floor and paint color, we don't know which one to get!!! Remodeling is hard...probably why we haven't done it in 20 years...

    Sue L.

  4. I found a dime the other day! I sent you an email on Dec 24. Hope it got through.

  5. I never spy money lying around. Lucky you. I really enjoyed reading your post about your mom and love of Christmas. I had a mom like that too. Happy New Year to you from me outside Ottawa, Canada!

  6. Very nice meat freebie on the ham!!

  7. We are in the midst of a major clean out, and I had found some jewelry, my wedding rings from my first disastrous marriage, silver baby spoons, and gold tooth fillings hidden away. Took them to a local gold & silver buyer this morning. Not everything was gold or sterling silver (the only things they purchase), but I got over $280!

    Oh, and I found a quarter in the Shop'n Save parking lot and thought of you!

  8. This last week (visiting my parents) has been anything but frugal. I have lost track on how much was spent.

  9. I’m off for winter break so I’ve been sitting around in my pajamas for more days than I should admit. So no money spent on showering or laundry. 😉

    Just received the update - so sorry about your friend.

    Jen G.


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