Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Weis & Rite-Aid This Week

I hit Rite-Aid on Tuesday while I was out making diaper meet-ups..........

4 x R-A brand mouth rinse on sale $2=$8.00
With .48¢ sales tax this came to $8.48 which was paid for with Bonus Cash.

I earned back $8 in new Bonus Cash so besides the tax this was free.
"Cost" was .48¢ in BC.

Then I hit Weis to use my other Butter rain check on Senior Discount day so I got an additional ¢¢ off my butter.
While at Weis I found some meat deals and a few other things.........

2 x Garlic Herb Pork Loins=$11.93 for 2.99 lbs. total
2 x Boneless Pork Chops BOGOFree=$7.75 for both
1 x 4 NY Strip Steaks on sale $5.98 lb=$17.52
1 x Coleman uncured Hot Dogs 25% off=$2.62
8 x 8 oz. Weis Butter(rain check $1.12 each)=$8.96
2 x Hormel chili on sale=$4.00
2 x Green Peppers on sale=$2.00
Buy 6/Get $3 off Items--
3 x Salad Kits=$10.47 **
1 x Almond Milk on sale=$2.99
2 x Red Rose decaf tea bags on sale=$5.98
7 x Cesar dog food=$5.60
2 x Friendly's ice cream on sale=$3.98 *not pictured*
SubTotal......$83.80 +.34¢ tax=$84.14(what it should have been)

Coupons Used
1 x FREE 7 Cesar dog food snail mailed Q=$5.60
1 x $1.50/1 Coleman item IPQ=$1.50
1 x .55¢/2 Hormel chili doubled to $1.10=$1.10
3 x $2/1 Meat Sticker=$6.00
1 x $3/1 Meat Sticker=$3.00
1 x $1.84 Senior Discount on the Butter=$1.84
1 x $3 WYB6 items Discount=$3.00
Coupon Total......$22.04

$84.14-$22.04=$62.10 knew there was an except here, didn't you? lol.....

This cashier was a hot mess.
A teenage boy who you could tell didn't want to be on the register.

First thing is he rang up the $6.70 pork loin twice and also forgot to peel the instant discount stickers off both loins, which I had to remind him to do.
After he took the loins out of the bag to remove the stickers he scanned one of them a second time.  I saw him do it and I saw on my screen that I was charged twice for that loin so I said something.
Mr. Cashier didn't take to being challenged and got his back up about it.  He began to argue with me that NO! he certainly DID NOT ring that up twice.

So not wanting to have to throttle a teenage boy in a crowded cashier line I just said fine(and to myself I said I'd be talking with the CS person shortly to get my $6.70 back).
Then he forgot to take the meat stickers off the pork chops too....sigh.
He had to call someone over because he didn't know how to do a rain least the front end person knew and nothing went askew with that part of the transaction.

Then he forgot to ring up one of my salads which were part of the Buy 6/Get $3 off Deal.  I quickly calculated in my head that not getting $3 off my order was in my favor if I was getting a $3.49 bag of salad free(the one he didn't scan).
After his snottiness over the double charged pork loin I wasn't about to accuse him of not ringing up a bag of salad and have a worse scene on my hands.  His mistake and attitude made me OK with getting .49¢ worth of salad free. HA!

So my Subtotal was actually $77.44-$19.04(w/out the $3 back wyb6)=$58.40 OOP
Reg. retail was $123.69 or a 52.79% savings rate.

The best deal, besides the "free" salad and the free dog food were the pork chops.  $7.75 with the BOGOFree sale and an additional $4 off w/meat stickers means I paid $3.75 for 2.68 lbs. of chops or $1.40 per lb.  Not bad.
The garlic herb Pork Loins were $6.93 after meat stickers so $2.32 per lb. for those.
The Hormel chili was $1.42 and 1/2¢ per can after the doubled Q.
The Coleman hot dogs were $1.12 after that Q.

Not a bad trip and I am still just barely under my $400 food budget for June still.($25.97 left)



  1. Good deal getting the free Rite Aid mouthwash. I wouldn't have said anything about the 49¢ worth of free salad either after his attitude. You don't know what people will do these days. If it were a big enough issue I would take it to customer service where, hopefully, cooler heads prevail. He is lucky to have a job and needed an attitude adjustment. Anyway, good deals all around!

  2. I think they need to have a "Sluggy" checkout where you can do your own since you know how to do it better than 99% of their checkers and issues (or attitude) :)

    1. LOLZ At Rite-Aid the cashiers who know me threaten to make me check myself out. Heck I'd use the self-checkout registers at Weis except they don't take coupons anymore..... 8-(

  3. When he called someone over, I would have mentioned the meat rung up twice and that he argued with me and said he did not. When I get a cashier like that, I let them go when they ring things up in a way that favors me. Of course, the thing is that the store gives the customer the item that was rung up wrong. I doubt the kid will have a job long with his attitude.

    1. When I got to the CS desk I told her about what happened(the attitude/defiance part)and then said that "Josh" is having a bad deal and REALLY needs a break from the register. lolz

    2. And I also think that he was a bit embarrassed that he didn't see the meat stickers and then he got thrown off his "game" so to speak and got flustered.
      But if he keeps the attitude thing up he won't get far.

  4. That cashier got some training!

  5. I was told by a cashier at Krogers that they will be implementing a new system where you scan your items as you put them in the cart-then it produces a "ticket" that you take to a kiosk and pay. I already do self checkout & for sure will be doing the scanning cart option when it is available. Don't know how coupons would be processed?? when you pay?

    1. My Wal-Mart tried a version of that. It lasted only a matter of weeks and they pulled it at the store. The local store was a test store. There was a lot of issues apparently.


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