Thursday, May 3, 2018

Wellness Wednesday Using Up/Converting PPs

Another Wellness Wednesday has come and gone.
Here are the freebie samples I got......

4 x Sensodyne toothpaste samples for Hubs
2 x Olay face thing(I forgot to put the 2nd one in the photo)w/a Q on the back

The Wellness Wednesday Qs weren't so hot overall this month.
I did use a few however to pick up some killer allergy meds for cheap!

I got this on my son's card............

2 x Nasacort 120 sprays on sale $17.99=$35.98
1 x Allegra 30 ct. on sale=$17.99
2 x Rolaids BOGO50%=$4.48
1 x Rolaids 20% wellness disc.=$2.39

Coupons Used
1 x $8/1 Nasacort ManuQ=$8.00
1 x $8/1 Allegra ManuQ=$8.00
1 x $7/1 2 x 120 Nasacort sprays WWQ=$7.00 *
Coupon Total.....$23.00


$37.84 in Plenti Points paid for all the OOP on this transaction.

I earned back $20(2 x $10 wyb $30 select allergy/pain/oral items).  All the items bought were part of the spend $30/Get $10 BC Deal.

I now have $5.79 left in Plenti Points on this card.
I also have $67.96 tracking toward the $20 Allergy Reward(wyb $75)

* The WWQ was $7 off 1 80 ct. Xyzal, 1 70 ct. Allegra or 2 x 120 Nasacort Sprays.  Three cashiers and I went over the shelves and nowhere was there a double 120 spray Nasacort item(2 boxes banded together like they had Flonase on the shelf) which is what the Q read to us all.  Barring no product we tried it on 2 single 120 spray Nasacort and it beeped but since no double banded product existed management pushed the Q through because technically we satisfied the Q requirement.

There is also a $5 for $15 purchase or $10 for $30 purchase cash rebate for these Chattem branded products HERE.  Requirements are select brands and you have to purchse at least two in one transaction between certain dates AND your cost is after coupons or sale prices.
I have already uploaded my receipt that qualifies for the $10 rebate.

I also forgot a $4/1 Nasacort IPQ I had to use on the second bottle of Nasacort for this transaction(didn't get 2 Q inserts on Sunday so no second $8 Q...boohoo)so I'll take it up next trip to R-A and they can do a "post coupon" and give me $4 cash. ;-)

Then I bought this on the same card...........

1 x I-Caps on sale=$17.99
1 x Allegra 70 Ct. 20% wellness disc. less than sale price=$31.99

Coupons Used
1 x $5/1 ICaps ManuQ=$5.00
1 x $10/1 ICaps WWQ=$10.00
1 x $15/1 Allegra ManuQ=$15.00
1 x $7/1 Allegra WWQ=$7.00
Coupon Total.....$37.00

$49.98-$37.00=$12.98 OOP
The $5.79 left of my PPs was used which left $7.19 balance.
$7.19 worth of BC was applied so Zero cash paid OOP.

You'll see that now the system says I have 0 PPs left on this card.
Since the tracking topped $75 on this transaction it generated a $20 Allergy BC Reward too.
I now have $24.95 left on the Allergy tracking going forward.

So these two transactions cost me $50.82 in PPs/BC and I earned back $40 in new BC(plus $10 cash rebate and $4 back for the forgotten Q).

Then I did this transaction on daughter's card...........

1 x Midnite sleep aid monthly sale=$9.00
1 x R-A bandaids 20% wellness disc.=$3.43
2 x Speed Stick deodorant on sale but 20% wellness lower $2.71=$5.42
12 x giant size candy bars on sale $1 each=$12.00

Coupons Used
1 x $1/1 Midnite IPQ(company website)=$1.00
1 x $2/1 R-A bandaids WWQ=$2.00
2 x $2/1 Speed Stick In-AdQ=$4.00
1 x $1/2 Speed Stick ManuQ=$1.00
12 x .50¢/1 Q sticker on product=$6.00
Coupon Total....$14.00

$15.85 was taken from my Bonus Cash to pay.
I earned $11 back in new BC($3 wyb $12-the candy bars, $8 Midnite).
Those 12 ginormous candy bars "cost" $3 total. $12-$6 in discount stickers-$3 in BC earned=$3 spent.  That comes out to .25¢ per bar.

I then bought more allergy meds on daughter's card........

2 x 120 spray R-A flonase BOGO50%=$29.98

I used 2 x $5/1 R-A flonase 120 sprays WWQs so $10 off makes this $19.98 OOP.
$19.98 came off the $20.15 I had left of BC on this card so Zero OOP.
I topped the $75 Allergy spending/tracking mark on this purchase so a $20 Allery BC Reward was earned.(I now have $20.86 tracking toward another Allergy Reward.)

So I spent $35.83 in BC on these 2 transactions and earned back $31 in new BC.

Where all 3 of my cards/accounts stand now....
Son's card-$57.81 in BC/no PPs left
Daughter's card-$31.17 BC/no PPs left
My card-$61.72 in BC/$17.92 PPs left

There is a monthly Deal of Midnite sleep aid/Doan's pills/cream/Vivarin.  The price is $1 more than the amount of BC it gives you back.  Go to their websites and print off a Q to make this a freebie or a moneymaker.  Be careful though because the limit is 1 Deal and they are all part of the same Deal.
I got the Midnite on Daughter's card/account so that card is done for this deal. I'll get a Doan's on my card and a Vivarin on son's card eventually.

Did you do any shopping at Rite-Aid this week?



  1. As always, very impressive! No Rite-Aid store near me, but it is still fun to read about your deals!

  2. Good for you, what a timely seasonal haul! We don't have Rite Aid where I live. But I do hope to get better at such shopping/deals when my husband retires this fall. Have a great day!

  3. No, I barely got into Aldi's to snag 17 boxes of cereal.

  4. I could use a big score on allergy meds. Now that we are past snow, please God let us be past snow, now the allergens will come out.

  5. No RiteAid shopping for me. We simply don't use or need any of the meds or the candy. I found i bought a lot of clutter when I shopped the drug stores. I will hit Wags for detergent deals but that's really it.

  6. We are at the tail end of allergy season, thank goodness!
    I am practicing non-shopping, but I don't have accrued Plenti Points to use so I am spending very little money. I am going to punch up my wardrobe a little with the money I am not spending. (I am still wearing things I have owned since Son3 was in middle school. He is 24 now. It's time for some updating)

  7. Just discovered your blog and am now a follower!! Love it!

  8. If I could just get 5 minutes to run to Rite aid it would be nice.


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