Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Whole of My Rite-Aid Buys This Week

BIG week of Rite-Aid purchases this week.......*insert eye roll*

1 jar of Mentholatum rub on sale=$3.00
Paid with Bonus Cash.
I earned $2 in new Bonus Cash.

I also earned $1.75 in Ibotta rebates($1.50 Mentholatum, .25¢ on any item at R-A)making this purchase a .75¢ moneymaker.  8-)

The BC deal on this item is a monthly one and has a limit of one per card/account.
And this smells a bit less noxious than Vick's Vaporub. lolz
And it looks like this and the Arm and Hammer laundry detergent rebates are no longer available on my Ibotta account.  Oh well......didn't need more laundry detergent anyway.



  1. Well darn, my Ibotta rebate's gone too. Thanks for mentioning it, because I was planning on getting some detergent at WAGS tomorrow.

  2. I got the detergent. With a Stop & Shop downloadable coupon it was a money maker. I didn't need it but I will always take it if they want to pay me.


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