Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Outside the Box Grocery Shopping

On Saturday Hubs and I made a short trip to a town west of us.  It was a beautiful day finally(not too cold, not too hot and no SNOW!lol)so we made a trip of it running errands.

We hit a nice greenhouse/nursery and I picked out a flat of plants(plus one tiny Oregano plant)......

$16.95 for a full flat(plus $1 for the oregano plant)for mostly plants you can't get at big chain stores.
Well not the marigolds, petunias and basil, but the Japanese(Ichiban)eggplant and varieties of tomatoes like Black Krim, a Mountain Pride variety(good for our location), San Marzano Redourta and Amish Paste(like a Roma).  Just being in that place had me wanting to expand the garden here. 8-)

But for now, I've got this little strip of dirt plus two half barrels to plant in(besides the few veggies I sneak into the front flower bed).  Here's the tomato plants with marigolds to keep them happy and ward off bugs. 8-)

Then we hit Rite-Aid to see what I could glean there since we drove right past it. I posted what I got there already.

After that we drove to the other end of the town to hit the Grocery Outlet.  It's run by an Amish family(they have three locations now)and it's a great place to find bargains!  They buy overstocks, discontinued, items that didn't do well at reg. retail outlets and items coming to the sell by dates.  The prices can be insanely cheap or a little under what you'd paid at the grocery store.  They have been known to carry all national brands plus many store brands.  And you just never know what you'll find!

We dropped $97.25 at this store and came home with all this........

2 x Glory red beans .50¢
2 x Panko crumbs .50¢
6 x OEP green chiles .50¢
2 x DD Cold Brew pods $1.99
2 x Kingsford BBQ sauce .50¢
2 x canned olives .99¢
2 x DelMonte mandarin orange cups .99¢
1 x ground Cumin  .95¢
4 x Fillip Berio olive oil .99¢
6 x DelMonte creamed corn 3/$1
1 x Vlassic pickles $2.99
3 x 5pack Kraft mac/cheese $2.49
2 x squeeze limes .49¢
1 x Sweet Baby Ray's mustard sauce $1.29
1 x Chips Ahoy! cinnamon cookies $1.49
1 x Red Hots siracha sauce .79¢
2 x OSpray organic cranberry juice .79¢
1 x soy sauce .99¢
2 x Almond Breeze milk $1.49
2 x Lipton chai tea bags .99¢
5 x Powerade drinks .89¢(CB drank one before I took the photo)
1 x Melba toast crackers .79¢
1 x 12 pack hot dog rolls $1.99
2 x case of H2O $1.99

And all this that I didn't take a photo of, mostly frozen and refrigerated foodstuffs.....
1 x 12 pack local cream soda $2.99
2 x bags Tyson chicken strips $3.99
2 x Catfish nuggets $1.49 lb.(3.25 lbs.)
2 x rolls Farmland bkfast sausage $1.49
2 x boxes Waffle bkfast sandwiches .79¢
1 x Birdseye garlic cauliflower .99¢
1 x 2 lb. bag frozen cauliflower $1.99
1 x Lebanon bologna pack $2.49
1 x JMartin red pepper cream cheese $2.99 *
1 x Cantaloupe $1.50
1 x quart Strawberries $1.00
1 x Celery .89¢
4 x Lemons .25¢
1 x Icebery Lettuce .99¢
1 x Tomatoes(1 lb.) .90¢
1 x seedless Grapes $2.25 (.99¢ lb.)
1 x Bananas $1.08 (.42¢ lb.)
2 x dozen Eggs $1.39

I figure even with sale prices on some of this stuff it's over $225 buying it in town at one of our grocery stores.  That Ocean Spray organic 100% juice goes for $3.99 around here so for .79¢, I'll buy it!  .50¢ for panko, bbq sauce  or seasoned red beans?  .33¢ a can for corn or .99¢ for a box of expensive Lipton tea bags?  I'm in!
We don't travel there often but when we do, I take a cooler and stock up.  ;-)

Then I let Hubs drink a bit since we were in that town.........

Then it was home to let Chester out and for me to figure out where to put all those groceries! lolz

Do you ever buy groceries at restaurant supply houses or salvage grocery outlets?
What sources other than regular grocery stores have you found?



  1. We had a Grocery Outlet open about 2 years ago in the next town over. I have found a lot of great deals there. They will put shelf stable items days from the "best buy" date at $0.08. I bought about a dozen Keebler graham cracker crusts, several boxes of cinnamon frosted flakes, and a box of obscure brand organic granola bars at this price. They also have a fairly good wine selection. I do find some great bargains at our Grocery Outlet, but I also had a flop. A box of frozen taquitos were moldy. Other than that, I enjoy popping in to this store. I would do it more often, but it doesn't open until 8, and I only go by there when I am dropping kids off at school, usually at 7:30 ish.

  2. Awesome score at the grocery outlet! I'm so jealous of that cheap olive oil.

  3. There is a grocery outlet close to me. I can get my coffee there at a great price, as well as some dry goods. I won't buy their frozen items or meat, but overall the prices are a bit better than the standard stores I generally shop at.

  4. No such stores near me. The drawbacks of living in the boonies. Sigh.

  5. Those are really good prices. I tried one salvage store near to me and cans were bent in half and everything was just nasty. I did go half a dozen times to see if I could ever find anything. Then, there is another that is so large I cannot get around in it. There selections were good. Plus, you could pick up books that were new, unopened boxes of expensive cards, shampoo, whatever is in stores all jammed in one building. Expensive things like party supplies--tube of 8 paper cups were a nickel. I miss going there.

  6. Another green-eyed commenter! What deals! I shop all the grocery outlets when we go down state to see our sons. I take coolers, too! Nothing like that, here, unfortunately. We’re a bit of a poorer area so it would be much appreciated, i’m Sure.

  7. That is one heck of a haul for 97 bucks. Well done you two!

  8. I don't know if I know where any supply stores might be that are convenient but I think for a graduation or other big event, it would be worthwhile. Great haul.

  9. You got a helluva deal on the Dunkin donuts pods. I woul have bought a case!!!

  10. Hmmm....I don't think we really have a place like that around here. I will pop in GFS for funsies and a free cup of coffee. Sometimes they have great markdowns. Big Lots clearance has been pretty good lately too. You got some great deals!

  11. You got a great haul there, Sluggy. I love the Amish or Mennonite grocery stores like that. We have one near Crossville,, TN, which is pretty far from here, but we manage to make it there once a year during the 127 sale.


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