Sunday, May 6, 2018

More Rite-Aid on Friday & Saturday

I picked up these items on Friday...........

2 x Speed Stick deodorant 20% wellness better than sale price=$5.42
4 x Suave women's deodorant on sale $1.19=$4.76

2 x $2/1 Speed Stick R-A in-adQs=$4.00 so $6.18 +.45¢ tax=$6.63 OOP
Paid with Bonus Cash and I earned back $4.00 in new BC(2 x $2 wyb2 Suave items)so all this "cost" me $2.63.

Then on Saturday I hit a different R-A and found more .50¢ discount stickers on king size candy bars again.......

2 x Suave women's deodorant on sale=$2.38
2 x Suave Professionals shampoo on sale=$6.00
12 x king size candy bars on sale $1 each=$12.00

I used 2 x $1/1 Suave Professionals IPQs=$2.00 and all 12 candy bars had .50¢ instant discount stickers on them so another $6.00 off, making it $8 off.

Should have been $12.38 + .18¢ tax=$12.56 and I should have gotten back $7 back in new BCs(2 x $2 wyb2 Suave items, $3 wyb $12 candy/cereal).

I had to break this into two transactions because the register would only take 10 of the instant discount stickers per transaction(actually it will only take 10 without a manager's approval and the cashier was too lazy to get a manager to key the last two stickers in lol).

So we rang up the deodorants and the shampoo and 10 of the candy bars.
Only 2 of the Paydays rang up and 2 of the M&Ms rang up but all 10 discount stickers came

The cashier didn't seem to care even after I brought this problem(not for me, for the store)to her attention and she kept scanning the discounts in, so I just shut up. lolz

So $2.38 deodorants, $4.00 after Qs shampoo, and -$1 for 10 candy bars($4 for the 4 bars that rang up + $5.00 in discount stickers= -$1).
$6.38-$1 negative for the candy bars=$5.38 + .18¢ tax=$5.56 paid for with Bonus Cash.

The last 2 M&M packs got rung up afterwards and totaled $1(2 x $1-$1 in discount stickers)and that $1 was also paid for with Bonus Cash.

The downside is I only earned $4 in new BC(2 x $2 wyb2 Suave items)and didn't get the $3 for buying $12 of candy bars(I only have $6 tracking for that one).

All this lot cost me $12.19 in BC and I earned back $8 back in new BC so "cost" me $4.19 including tax.

So when we got home I went up to my R-A and found 6 more packs of candy with discount stickers on them......

6 x king size candies on sale=$6.00
6 x .50¢/1 discount stickers=$3.00

$3 paid with Bonus Cash and $3 more BC earned back.

Plans for all the candy I got this week include giving some to my brother(he's a Skittles fiend), keeping some of the Almond Joys and Paydays(my favs), giving some M&Ms to College Boy(Caramel/PB/Pretzel ones are his favs)and the rest for the Giveaway boxes.
The deodorants will find their way into giveaway boxes and the shampoo is for my family.

Bonus Cash Rewards Summary
Me-$57.30 and this card has $12.86 Plenti Points left which I still have to convert/roll//spend down

I really don't know how I or R-A is going to keep track of when BC expires now since they take it off in any increment, not just in the ones you earn it in.  It will be very difficult to keep up with when/what is expiring.  I will probably try to spend down rather than roll much of what I have since otherwise with the shorter expiration dates on the BC compared to PPS I'll feel like I am on a carousel and can't get off(having BC that needs to be used too quickly to keep it active means I'll have to shop more than as often as I want and have to buy things I don't actually want(well, things I can use/want but "paying" more for it than if I get it somewhere else).  Does that make any sense to anyone? lolz



  1. You did great. I am glad all of that candy isn't here. I would eat all of the chocolate. I did really well with Ibotta this weekend. They had some great promos. I love when I get paid for groceries.

  2. Honestly, it is like you are speaking another language to me but what you do is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I love chocolate, but I'm with your brother on the Skittles :)

  3. My brain is on that carousel trying to make sense of it . . it works for you, awesome. : )

  4. LOL. None of it ever makes sense but I trust you.

  5. You always get such great deals!!! Definitely my role model.


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