Saturday, May 5, 2018

April To-Do List......Update

Let's see how we did on April's list of stuff to get done..............

* Pay Bills  DONE  First thing I do every month(or when the bill arrives that month)  Generally I sit down every two weeks and pay what arrived during that time.  That helps me stay more organized and not forget to pay something. ;-)

* Read 1, 2 Books DONE
I read this one........ 

It's a retelling of the California Gold Rush from 1848-1853.  It relies heavily on first person sources, diaries and memoirs of a varied lot of everyday folks who traveled to CA during this time who were intent on profiting off the event.  Very few made lasting fortunes mining the gold.  It was an interesting time and the author feels the spirit of innovation and the free spirited society still resides in and helped shape what CA is today.  There is also a bit of the unsavory that helped make CA what it is today if you hold to this author's suggestions here.
I especially liked the actual excerpts of the diarists over the author's take on "what it all means" and conclusions.

I also read this one.........

Gumption by Nick Offerman(actor and manly man extraodinaire)
This is his follow-up to his successful "Paddle Your Own Canoe" book.  This sequel(if you will)is more a vanity piece for him.  It's basically 21 chapters, each  about a person he admires for some reason(s)and how/why this person defined/defines "gumption".
He starts off with dead historical folks and then quickly veers off into current celebs/famous folks he admires who he considers full of gumption.
At times I think Nick Offerman is full of something other than gumption but hey! it's his book.
I won't say anything else bad about the man who gave us Ron Swanson. ;-)
This book shines at times and then there are the other times......not bad for an actor overall and a fun read.

I also started in on two other books in April and hopefully I'll get those polished off before May is over with and can let you know about them.

* Purge Coupon Envelope  DONE

Every 3 months I clean out the coupons inserts but every month I clean out my coupon envelope(it's a pencil case I life hacked for this purpose).

* Sell Stuff  DONE

 This sale was basically pure profit as the shampoo didn't cost me anything out of pocket at Rite-Aid.

This sale was at a loss and was something I was just trying to get out of the house. lolz
Both sales meant stuff left my house so I am good with it.
I do need to get back onto the local Yard Sale site and get some things sold there now that the weather has improved greatly.

* Sell House in LA PENDING
All the repairs have been made, contracts signed, we are just waiting on their mortgage company's appraiser to sign off on the repairs(taking their everloving sweet time on this!) and to close.  
Can't come soon enough for me!!

* Hold Giveaway  DONE

* Mail Giveaway  DONE  And the winner started enjoying her goodies this past Thursday. 8-)

* Finish Redoing Passwords Book  DONE

I got all the current information transferred into this nifty little spiral notebook.  I can't show you the insides for obvious reasons. lolz
This one should hold up better than the last book as the covers are plastic not thin cardboard/paperboard and not as likely to be torn off as easily. 8-)
It does feel good to let go of all that old out-of-date information and there is plenty of room before I get this one filled up.

* Plan possible 2018 Travel  PENDING  Still working out the kinks and maybe changing direction on this one.  Stay tuned.

* Work on 2018 Goals  FAIL  Well we are at a place where it's very difficult to plan any more goals for this year(mostly).  So much is up in the air.....this house sale, travel plans, College Boy's plans, etc.  We are sort of in a holding pattern at this point in our lives.   Maybe once we nail down the travel itinerary and the house sells we can move forward and think about the future.

Mostly we got what we needed to get done in April.
I'm now working on my To-Do List for May and am posting items on the side bar as I figure them out.

What did you get marked off your To-Do List for April?



  1. Impressive!!! Oh wow... I think I need to go back to the month to month goals. I have an OVERALL goal but nothing like the month to month

  2. We’ve had a piece of property for sale, through two different companies, for about five years. It finally sold, at a loss. But hey, yay! Like you, no closing date but it should happen before the 20th. This wasn’t really an April goal but a ‘let’s get it done’ goal. Now, we need to think ahead and decide when/if we want to put the house up for sale and move closer to our sons. The property had to go first. A big tick in the ‘done’ column!

  3. 2018 is sure to one if transition for you. It's perfectly fine to be throwing balls in the air while you wait out all the parts coming to conclusion. We funded the Roth in full and paid a chunk of our once in a lifetime family trip costs. Despite a blip financially we're full steam ahead.

  4. Well if my life is crazy town your can at least be 1/2 crazy, right?


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