Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Another Giveaway Winner

Since I still have so many items left after Gerry filled her giveaway box I've decided to pick another winner to fill a box in May!
Yes, a Surprise Giveaway!!!

So if you entered the Giveaway and your entry was valid you are also eligible to win this giveaway.
Here is the photo of goodies you can pick from to fill your box..........I might also be persuaded to add an item or two besides what is pictured if you know you want something and I have it.  ;-)

110 valid entries left and Random.org picked this one to win.......

My granddaughter loves hairbrushes, she is 2 and love to brush hair.
Mary G.

Congratulations to Mary G!
Please email me Mary from the email you supplied on your entry within 48 hours of this post going live. My email is arcure(at)ptdprolog(dot)net. I need your complete name and mailing address and in order of preference which items you want in your box. (I bet that hairbrush in #1 on your list. lolz)



  1. This was exciting even though I didn't win. Isn't that funny?

  2. Woo hoo, I loves me a hair brush but my hair doesn't look like I do.

  3. Oh how sweet of you to do another giveaway, Sluggy. Congratulations, Mary.

  4. Congrats Mary!!!!
    Hey Sluggy! How have you been?!

  5. Glad Hubs is OK. Mine had surgery too yesterday and I was ready to get back to work and he was well alone at home today! Whew!


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