Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Little More Rite-Aid on Saturday

I went up to Rite-Aid on Saturday because the Mentholatum Ibotta rebate was back in my account($1.50)and it was the last day R-A was having it on sale($3-a Monthly Deal)and it gave $2 back in BC.
They also, surprisingly got a big load of the cheapest Visine back in stock in their Friday shipment so I could finish doing the Spend $40/Get $10 in BC Deal on it.  I had already bought 2 Visine earlier in the week.............

7 x Visine($4.63 w/20% Wellness disc.)=$32.41
2 x Suave deodorant on sale($1.19)=$2.38

Coupons Used
7 x $2/1 R-A In-ad Q=$14.00
3 x $2.50/2 Visine CatalinaQ=$7.50
1 x $1/1 Visine ManuQ=$1.00
Coupon Total......$22.50

$34.79-$22.50=$12.29(no tax due).
I paid with $12.29 in BC and earned back $12 in new BC($10 wys $40 Visine, $2 wyb2 Suave).

I also did this on my Daughter's card........

4 x Suave deodorant on sale $1.19=$4.76
1 x Mentholatum on sale=$3.00

No coupons were used.
$7.76+.30¢ tax=$8.06 paid with Bonus Cash.

I earned back $6 in new BC(2 x $2 Suave wyb2, $2 Mentholatum)
$20.35 spent on these two transactions in BC, $18 new BC earned back and $1.50 Ibotta cash rebate earned so .85¢ short of being totally free.  ;-)

After BC earned, sale price, Qs stacked with In-AdQs all 9 bottles of Visine bought this week "cost" me $2.17 in BC.
And all that Visine earns toward the $20 Allergy Reward so that card is at $66.62.  Only $8.38 to spend on qualifying products to earn that $20 BC.

I need to concentrate on rolling the BC on my card in the next couple of weeks.



  1. Visine sure comes in handy this time of year. Great stockpiling.

  2. I second - wow. That's usually my reaction when I read about your deals. Not that I really understand them. You must be a math whiz!


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