Thursday, May 11, 2017

What I'm Doing This Week

Other than working on genealogy, some cleaning of the house, planning the Mega Road Trip and a trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets, I've been preparing for the trip to Virginia.

My car is cleaned out and I have started loading provisions to take to VA.

I am bringing two bags of drinks with me, mostly bottled tea and G2 Gatorades.  I suspect it will be a tad warm down there(and my brother is known for being stingy with the a/c)so I need to stay hydrated.  These drinks were bought on sale and if I just go down and buy there who knows if I'll get them as cheaply?
I am also bringing a supply of cocktails.....just throw the bag into the freezer until frozen, tear open and pour into a glass and enjoy the frosty goodness.....Mmmmmm!  It's a vacation so why shouldn't I imbibe?

I've got the Xmas presents that didn't make it to VA at Christmas(due to Hubs accident and not being able to go for the Holidays)all packed........

In addition I am taking down some stockpile items....toiletries, laundry detergent, etc. for Brother and Sister in-law, and an old friend who is low income whom I will be seeing.  My eldest son has requested jars of my homemade Pepper Relish as well.

I'll do the clothes packing tomorrow and my toiletries and other accouterments for the trip on Saturday after we take the Granddog to the vet.

The only shopping so far this week has been a small trip to Weis.  I used the rest of a gift card bought last year so my total shop was the $2.89 that went over what was left on the gift card.  Nice.
I stumbled onto one Deal.....

This awesome local PA brand of Pepper Bacon which goes for $6 a package reg. retail was on sale for 2 for $7 this past week(ended yesterday).  These packages which expire(if not frozen)on May 22 had $1 off Meat Discount Stickers on them, so they cost $2.50 per package after sale/discount.  At that price I HAD TO buy them! ;-)

I need to go back Friday to redeem some rain checks I am holding(as they expire while I am gone)or direct Hubs/Daughter to use them or extend them while I am away.  I don't have confidence they'll do either so I'll try to take care of this before I leave.

Ok, got to get back at things here.

Here's hoping your day is going well and you are being productive too.



  1. Good for you, getting it all done and organized now can you come over here and kick my butt! Mmmmm pepper relish, I remember sitting at sissies and we all ate your entire jar, yummmm

  2. Are you taking hubs or going on your own? Whichever, enjoy your time away from home and on the road. I do love me a road trip :)

  3. When I would go to my sister's house in Memphis, I would waste money calling her at the last minute to tell her to put water in the ice trays!

    I also have a friend in Birmingham who never has ice. Her best friend was always put out. She was so desperate for ice, that she used ice from my cooler in the car...ewww.

    If anyone refused to make the ac colder, I would pull out money to help cool the place.

  4. We lived in Kansas City for ten years. My husband's favorite (he's the big meat eater) is Rosedales. Second choice would be the original Arthur Bryant's. Third choice is Gates. All are very good, but that's the ranking he wanted me to give you. :)


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