Friday, March 3, 2017

Net Worth.....March 1st Update

We are up almost $8k from the February 1st net worth overall(only liquid cash/investments/bonds, as I don't count housing or car values).  The retirement accounts were up almost $6K for March 1st 2017 from the February 1st 2017 calculations and the cash reserve/non-retirement accounts were up almost $2K.

We are up $71,857.19 from one year ago, from the March 1st of 2016's net worth snapshot.  

We are still in acquisition mode and Hubs still has a good income. Last month we were at a reduced pay for half the month due to Hubs disability/accident. This month we are back on our regular income/pay. 8-)

Life happens and is expensive so save as much as you can for those rainy days no matter your age or how close/far away you are from retirement.

Did you increase your net worth last month?
Do you have a retirement plan in place?



  1. Hi Sluggy,

    You have done great! Congratulations!

    We invested $5,000. at the end of the month out of February's income which comes from lots of sources including a small pension,leased income properties, income from Ira's that we have to draw on because of age, etc. Our net worth was way up not only because of that investment but interest income and thousands in gains in the stock market this past month. It has been a great month for accumulation. There is no way that Hubby and I could spend everything that we have coming in. So even though we retired early we just keep on saving and investing. It's fun just keeping track of it all and watching our net worth grow. I keep praying that President Trump will get rid of Federal Estate Taxes.

  2. As we both out 30% pretax in 401K plus an additional 5.5% of mine, we are better off than the start of the year, but I pay more attention quarterly. We're putting some peanuts in our liquid savings too, so belt tightening is paying off.


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