Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grocery Deals This Week at Weis

Here are some of the best grocery deals I got at Weis(PMITA)Markets this past week/sales ad.

These 6 items were part of the Mix N' Match/Buy 6 Items Get $3 Off Instantly Deal.

4 x Dole dippers(fruit covered in chocolate)
2 x lobster ravioli in sauce(ready made dinner)
Regular retail on all this is $31.94

Sale prices this week for all was $24.94
Deduct $3 for buying 6=$21.94
Deduct $4 in coupons I had for the Dole products=$17.94
Deduct $6 for the 2 x $3 Instant Discount stickers on the ravioli=$11.94 for all 6 items.

After sale/deal instant/instant discount stickers the lobster ravioli were $2.99 per package, much better than the $7.99 they usually go for.
Now I know these aren't usual items in my menu-the ravioli was a bit of a splurge meal and I have been wanting to try those chocolate covered fruit things. 8-)

I picked up 3 1 lb. packs of mushrooms marked down 50% off($1.99)and 1 bag of shredded carrots also marked down 50% off($1.24).
We love mushrooms here but rarely find them 1/2 off.

A trip to the Day Old Bakery rack yielded Garlic Bread($1.50), Bagels($1.24), Oatmeal Cookies($2.50)and Muffins($2).  All 1/2 off.

Daughter requested Pop-Tarts. Since they were on special for $1.67 this week(Must buy 3 to get that price)and I had 2 x $1/2 IPQs for them, I got her 4 boxes for $1.17 each.  This should keep her sweet tooth in check for quite some time.

A wander down the condiment aisle and I saw these were on clearance for 50% off...Masterpiece BBQ sauce($1), Sweet Baby Ray's Special Sauce and BBQ Mustard Sauce-SC style bbq($1.09).
With grilling season coming I scooped these up.

Gorton's seafood was 50% off this week and when you bought 3 items you also got an instant $2 discount your order.
3 x $6.99=$20.97-$10.50 off=$10.47-$2 instant discount=$8.47-$2 in ManuQs I had=$6.47 for 3 bags of fish/shrimp or $2.16 per package.

New England Coffee was BOGO this week and Hubs and the Daughter wanted some plus I had a $1.50/2 ManuQ so two bags cost me $6.99 or $3.50 per bag.  A bit more than I like to spend on something I don't drink. lolz

These individual Minute Rice fried rice cups are regularly $2 each but on sale for 3 for $5 or $1.67 each this week and I had a $1/2 ManuQ so $1.17 each after sale and Q.
Hubs or Daughter can use these for quick lunches or I can send them to College Boy as this is something he can heat up in his room for a quick bite to eat.

Discount Sticker meats were plentiful when I went to Weis this week.
I got these end loin pork chops, regular price was $15.08-$6.55 for sale price=$8.53 and there were 2 x $2 instant discount stickers=$4.53 for both packages.  These totaled 2.85 lbs. so $1.59 per lb.

And my best deal were these 3 packages of 90% lean ground beef.  They had a sell by date of that day but that's just because it was the last day of the sales ad and I suppose the staff doesn't want to have to repackage and relabel all that meat.  This stuff goes for over $5 per lb. usually.
$38.35 reg. price these packages-$20.16(the sale price)-$9 in Instant Discount Stickers=$11.16 for 6.74 lbs. of ground beef or $1.66 per lb......for 90% lean!!!
I would have bought ALL the packages at that price except I have no room in the freezer for it.

Anyway, this trip was $70.55 and $164.88 reg. retail price so I saved $94.33 with sales/coupons/instant discounts. or a 57.21% savings rate.

Except I used one of those discounted Weis gift cards I bought on Raise dotcom last December for 10% off face value.
So IF I had paid for the gift card this year I'd have saved another 10% on this transaction(paid $63.50 for all)but since I paid for the gift card with last year's money I essentially spend $0 out of pocket  on the whole transaction.

Working the angles and working the deals to save us money here at Chez Sluggy.

What good deals have you found on groceries this week and where?



  1. Great deal on the ground beef. I am hoping now with my bigger freezer I won't run into the "no room in the freezer" issue as much as I used to.

  2. You are so good. My saving rate yesterday was only 55% but I am working on it.... I truly am.

  3. Nice haul again Sluggy. Those meat deals are wonderful. I haven't seen marked down meat in such a long time that I quit looking.

    I have not shopped yet this week.

  4. Wow! Fantastic deals this week!!

  5. Great deals, great deals! I am saving buy buying nothing but milk, bread and salad fixings this month. (Plus hopefully gaining a lot of freeze space)

  6. I continue to enjoy your 'deals' posts.
    I haven't been to the store in weeks and I am long overdue to do so.


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