Tuesday, March 21, 2017

February To-Do List Update

Well I just got around to taking down my February To-Do List off the blog side bar.
Geez!  March is 2/3rd over already. lolz
Let's see how I did last month.

* Pay the Bills  DONE  Boring but good. lolz

* Bike Something FAIL  Nope, didn't do it.

* Read 1, 2 Books  DONE

A book of short stories about dogs.

A novel about an Irish girl who immigrates to Brooklyn NY in the 1950's.  Maybe now I'll watch the movie of it.
* Shred Papers   DONE  
I got all the backlog of document shredding done in February.
Go me.

* Reorganize and File ALL the Paperwork  DONE

I got the last basket of paperwork filed.

* Hold Giveaway  DONE

* Mail Giveaway  Done  Though the winner has yet to let me know it arrived or answer my email inquiring about whether she got the book.

* Hold 2nd Giveaway  DONE

* Mail 2nd Giveaway  Not Yet    Two emails to her plus posting it on the blog and I am STILL waiting for her to contact me with her info. sigh.
This is such a pain and is holding me up on doing the March Giveaway.
Maybe I'll just stop doing Giveaways.....

* Clean up Garage  

* Clean my Desk area  FAIL  Not yet.  Just didn't get to it.  It's on the list for March and I'll probably do it this week.

* Unbox and Use Christmas Gifts  DONE

I finally got around to opening my BIG Xmas present from "Santa" in February.  Not like I wasn't distracted by other things in December and January(Hubs' accident and convalescence)

I am in LOVE with this robotic floor cleaner!   It's specifically made for pet hair and that's what the problem is here with Daughter's half Husky/half Shepherd doggy.  She sheds constantly.  It wasn't as much as a Roomba brand one so if we kill it prematurely due to all the hair I am ok with that.
I have named him "Hymie".

* Gather Tax Info  DONE  I got all the info gathered for Hubs.

* Do Taxes  PASS  We decided to get tax software and Hubs is handling the taxes this year.  With the rental income I didn't feel I could adequately handle taxes this year.  I am still waiting for Hubs to actually FILE the taxes...he's finished filling and printing everything out, he just has to file them.

* Work on Genealogy  DONE  I've done a bit in February and actually had a 4th cousin contact me through the blog in Feb.  He had read my post about Ab Redmond my ancestor who was lynched in 1893.  Actually this cousin and I are double related, both directly through my 3x Great Grandfather Foster and through the common ancestors 2nd wife(his 3x Great Grandmother)who is also my 3rd Great Aunt(my 2x Great Grandfather Baker's sister).
Got that? ;-)

Work on F.A.G. Stuff  FAIL  Other than a few ancillary items dealt with I really didn't do much Find A Grave work in Feb. I inherited a TON of memorials on F.A.G. from a woman who didn't want to care for/maintain them anymore.  I really need to set some time aside to go into the site and put through edits others have sent me and clean up and link up some of these memorials.  It's work since many are NOT my family members so I need to do research on them to get the details correct.

So how did you do getting things crossed off your To-Do List in Feb?



  1. Good month even if a couple of things are carry overs! I know you are going to be thrilled when everything is totally back to normal!

    1. I don't think my life will ever be "back to normal" but I get what you mean. ;-)

  2. My whole goal of February was to survive. WOOHOO I did it!!!


  3. Draw another name. You said you would. It is unfair to the people waiting for you to give them a chance since she did not take hers. (ducking and running) I never got a comment in, I don't think, so I am not counting on getting the prize.

    With all you have had to do, you do very well with goals and saving money. Don't beat yourself up over not getting a few things done.

    1. I guess I should right? Of course as soon as I do the first winner who never came forward will surface....lolz

  4. I'm so sorry for not letting you know that I did indeed receive the book, nor properly thanking you! Excellent read and I highly recommend others either purchasing a copy or checking it out from their local library. As for your email...I can't find it. I'm thinking it got lost somewhere in cyberspace. Again, my apologies.

    1. No worries! I just figured if I said something about the book on the blog I'd hear from you. ;-)

    2. You already know me so well. lol Too bad the winner of the last giveaway has yet to surface. I could hardly contain my excitement when I won the book. Can't imagine not claiming such a good prize!


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