Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Rite-Aid Quickie Wednesday

The first Wednesday of each month Rite-Aid has a Senior Day.
Part of this special day is a sheet of Coupons available to redeem only on that day.

This past Wednesday, being the first day of March was that special day.
In the coupon sheet was one for $5 off a bottle of Hydralyte-a liquid electrolyte rehydration solution.
Think Pedialyte for adults. ;-)

This month there is also a Plenti point deal-buy 1 Hydralyte item and receive $4 in Plenti Points(limit 2 deals per card).

So I bought this on my Plenti card.........

2 x Hydralyte(6.99-20% off Wellness discount=$5.59)=$11.18
2 x $5/1 Rite-Aid Q=$10.00
$11.18-$10.00=$1.18 which I paid with my Rite-Aid gift card.

I received $8 in Plenti Points.

Then I used my son's Plenti card to buy this......

2 x Hydralyte=$11.18
6 x Snickers candy bars on sale .69¢=$4.14

Coupons Used
2 x $5/1 R-A Hydralyte Q=$10.00
3 x BOGOF Snickers IPQ=$2.07
Coupon Total.....$12.07

I used Plenti points to pay and received $8 in new Plenti points.

So I am "up" $8 in PPs on my card and "up" $4.75 in PPs on my son's card.

I may take this week off from Rite-Aid.  There aren't any items I need and can readily figure out a deal to get them for free.
Is there any freebies you can find this week?



  1. With all the bugs floating, I hope you and yours do not need the hydralyte. You had me at snickers.

    1. No, we are all healthy at the moment but with sick bugs floating around these are a good thing to have at the ready. I'll send 1 or 2 back with College Boy after his break is over too.

  2. Snickers bars and Lent do not go together well! I am afraid if I had them in the house I would eat every one.

    1. The candy bars are for Daughter's Easter basket. She loves almond bars and hazelnut everything and the Easter wrapped candies are much more $ these reg. candies taste just the same inside. ;-)

  3. I will go get more cereal as I have coupons to stack.

    1. So you have R-A Qs for cereal to stack w/Manu or IPQs? Do tell!


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