Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Well That was a Big Waste of Time

A short film where I try to replicate that Facebook thing I posted about how to open a beer bottle with a magnet and a quarter.......

Yes folks, I truly need a life.

And no, Hubs wouldn't let me use one of his beers to try this again.

When this trick doesn't work for you, check out what WILL actually open your bottle.....

You'd better keep those rings you bought Sonya Ann. lol



  1. At the hotel, we get all sorts of creative trying to open bottles, since we don't keep bottle openers (only beverage dept does). I can open them with a shelf, the edge of a door, a counter, a spoon... I know guys that can do it with their bare hands or by hitting it against the edge of anything. Pretty impressive stuff.

  2. I blame the Christmas tablecloth. LOL
    Maybe your magnet was too thin. From the looks of the original video, it was a thick rectangular one. Just a thought. Guess what I will be doing this weekend. I'll have to try it on at least, 5 different beers. LOL

  3. I learn so many useful things from you sluggy, next time I am lost in the woods I will be able to open my beer.

  4. Don't know why it didn't like my comment... But I am SO going to try this with a thicker magnet.

  5. I still have pumpkins from Halloween decorating my patio. I like the pop of color! I actually still have a big bowl of Autumn gourds and indian corn. I like them and so I just left them on display. I think your tablecloth is cheery!


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