Thursday, February 6, 2014

Uh oh.....Anybody Know The Answer to This?

Calling any tax geeks out there reading this!
I'm talking the Educational American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit things specifically.

Last year I got 2 1098-Ts from Daughter's colleges(she attended 2 different colleges in 2012) I have 3 semesters paid for in 2012--1 Spring Semester for Clarion and 1 Fall and 1 Spring Semester for the local community college.  The CC billed her for the Spring 2013 Semester in November of 2012 and I paid it in 2012, not 2013, so that is why we have 3 college bills paid for her in 2012.

Then she dropped a class in that 2013 Spring semester before it began and we got a $960 refund on a piece of the tuition we paid.
So when I paid the taxes in 2012, went ahead and reduced the amount the Com.College said we paid for 2 semesters in 2012 by that tuition refund.

Last week I got a 1098-T from the Com. College for 2013 with Box 4 checked, displaying that $960 refund, and it said I had to do a recapture(repayment)of the AO credit I received in 2012 on our 2013 taxes concerning that amount.  Except I had already reduced our credit by this refund.
So I am good to go and don't have to do this.

But when I went looking at the figures for 2012, to make sure I had accounted for this reduction in what we paid for tuition,  I found that I had under reported the amount of the AO Credit we were due in 2012!
Yes, math nerd me, claimed $1,800+ inside of the $2,800+ for that school's Tuition payments in 2012.
So basically my credit should have been higher and my taxes lowered n 2012.

The question......if you report too much credit, of course the IRS wants you to pay more in taxes(since you own them), but is there a device in place, if you under reported your AO credits in 2012, to give you credit for it in 2013 taxes OR would have I have to file a FULL amended tax return for 2012 to get my proper credit?

And if I have to do the latter(re-file the whole enchilada for 2012), is it worth the trouble?

I am so over doing taxes right now!
Come on American, just call your Senators and get them to endorse the HR 25 fair tax bill already!

Stop the Madness!
Abolish the IRS!



  1. No clue... I let my hubs do the taxes using a program he gets every year.

  2. Mom is checking her pubs and irs books for you but she said you are probably going to have to amend....

  3. Yep, I agree, most likely amend...


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