Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travel Goals

While I still haven't come up with a List of Goals for 2014, I have been spending a good deal of time thinking about where I want to GO in 2014.
Yes, I love to travel!
But I don't fly.....

I have even started compiling a list of where, if I had my way and unlimited funds, I would like to go this year.......

March--to an informal blogger gathering in DELAWARE
April/May--to see my daughter in LOUISIANA, with stops along the way in TENNESSEE, KENTUCKY & an excursion into TEXAS.
June--to a 150th Anniversary commemoration of a WBTS's event in VIRGINIA
July or August--for a vacation in MAINE  Mmmm......lobsters
September--to the Family Reunion again in VIRGINIA
October--for our mini vacation in MARYLAND

Also, but not at any specific time in the year  in these places.............
To MASSACHUSETTS to see my Aunt and cousins
To ILLINOIS/WISCONSIN to see my 9th cousin  ;-)
To Pittsburgh again to visit with #1 Son
To CANADA as I haven't been there in YEARS

Of course, Hubs doesn't get NEARLY enough vacation days to do all this.....and I am a nervous nelly anymore about driving myself long distances alone.
Plus I'd probably have a coronary if we spent what all this would cost, even on the cheap!

So it won't all be happening this year.

I do know that the trip to see my daughter will be happening as Hubs got time off for it in April.....woohoo!

Spring break here I come. lolz

How about you?
Do you like to travel?
Where do you like to go on vacation?



  1. I love traveling, flying or not. But, I think, this year will be low-key for us since I don't know what to expect with my Mom's health. But we will have a little getaway to Vegas 'cause it never happened last year.

  2. We like to go to Florida on vacation and we're hoping to get a trip in this summer. We're about an 8 hour drive from Orlando so we don't have to fly anymore to get there which is great (no security checks and no airport parking fees). Also, now that Coco is gone, we don't have to pay for a dog sitter which was a big expense. If we don't make it there, we just might rent a condo with a balcony that overlooks the gulf coast for a couple of nights right here in AL.

  3. Hey! I don't see Iowa in that list...

    I would love to visit Ireland again. This time with no kids along, or at least have all of them potty trained and paying their own way!

  4. I absolutely LOVE to travel.

    As a kid I drove (or should I say rode) to Disney World, Virginia for a wedding (with tornado warnings trailing us the entire trip), California with my grandparents via a Winnebago (with stops along the way, i.e. Grand Canyon), and many trips to Branson, MO and floating (both about 3-4 hours away). In high school, my Mom accompanied me to NYC with my choir via tour bus. The summer after I graduated HS my parents and I drove & camped in our pop-up in New Orleans & Pensacola. Katrina struck the area two weeks later. My best friend and I went to Chicago that winter by train/bus. For my 21st birthday, my parents flew me to Las Vegas. My ex and I took trips to Maui & Omaha, NE. In the midst of my divorce I flew to Portland, OR by myself. I didn't know anyone for hundreds of miles. It was the BEST trip I ever took. Then a few months later I flew to CA. I stayed with family, but explored San Francisco, wine country, and the coast by myself. The second best trip I ever took. I love traveling with friends and family, but there's something extra special about traveling to new, far-away places alone.

    As for trips in 2014: Arkansas in May for a friend's wedding, canoe trip in June, and 3 trips to my hometown in IL (April, June, August) for my best friend's wedding. That about taps out my travel budget this year.

    My DREAM vacation is England (where a large chunk of my family is from), it's #1 on my 'Life List.' Other trips I want to take include: Estes Park, CO; NYC/Vegas/Hawaii (again) with my current BF; a specific resort in Destin, FL; Harry Potter theme park; to see the Aurora Borealis; Love Parade; a far-fetched dream of Bora Bora; and lastly.. anywhere beautiful. Sound vague? Yea, well I'm flexible. I just like to go places visually 'naturally' stimulating to feed my photography hobby.

    Sorry for the long reply.. can you tell I LOVE traveling?! :)

  5. Take me with you to IL! I promise I don't take up a lot of space... heck, I'll tag along to MA too. These past few years I've seen a great decline on my wanting to travel and ability to travel. Not a lot of traveling that can be done when paying down debt like a mad person, nor with only 2 weeks of paid time off. If I were a responsible, well planned person, I'd go visit a lot of locations this year before Sept... as of right now, I have informally made mental note to go to IL for at least a few days. I'll only have 5 days of vacation and about $800 of my vacation fund to do things. Can't do much with those!

  6. I hate flying but will do it because I love to travel. Mr. R and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this fall. My list of Big Ideas to celebrate: 5 day New England/Canada cruise, Key West, or Las Vegas. Then the trip that it will most likely be because it requires the least amount of time off and no flying: A weekend at an inn/winery a few hours away with a wine tour of local wineries. But I'm still checking all the prices and watching deals just in case one of the bigger trips becomes possible.

  7. I would like to go more and Hubs has more vacation time than he will ever be able to use, but my schedule is hell and we have no money. When I leave so odes my income. Self employment is great but also a drag. We will go to Netarts Oregon over the 4th with daughter and grandson. Then we might go to Florida next October, but other than that our parents and kids keep us on the road within the state. I think you need to come out West and do a tour. You can stay with me and all my family and do almost every major p[ark. Glacier, Yellow Stone, Grand Teton. It would be fun!

  8. We used to rent a condo down the shore every year to watch dd play beach blast soccer but she is to old for that. So this year I think we are just going to do some weekends to my sisters..knobels anyone? And she will be down with peanut so we will probably do a day trip to the shore. We were talking about taking her to sesame place but I would have to sell a kidney to take everyone. So not much planned for vacas this year..oh except your house..hehehehheheheheheheh

  9. Make sure to keep your cousin on the list!!!!
    I too have been coming up with tons of places that I would like to visit. But the cash flow will probably keep me right here. But I might sneak off to vegas. LOL.


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