Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday...1961

A girl and her dog......

When I was a wee one, we had a succession of Old English Sheepdogs.
Well a succession of two.

The first one was named Peaches.  I believe this is her pictured above.  She seems to be chewing on my dolly.

I really have no recollections of Peaches but I do remember the OES we had second.
His name was "Shep".
Yes, my parents were right up there with "inventive" names for pets. lolz

Shep was much larger than Peaches and I use to ride on his back.
Shep loved ice cream and in the Summer, on the off chance my father would take us to the ice cream stand, he'd get Shep a cone too, which that hulk of a dog would devour in one bite.
Must have been a very small cone of ice cream.

I don't recall where we got Peaches from, since I don't even have any memories of her, but I remember being told that Shep had starred in commercials(probably for dog food).  Being a retired actor, who was "put out to pasture" when he got too old to work, is why he was living with us as a family pet.

With how little my father made at this time and the amount Shep ate, my father either really REALLY loved this dog or he came with a food stipend from his previous owners.  ;-)

Notice my fabulous pose at almost 3 years old.  What an innate sense of fashion and future stardom I possessed even at this young age.
I suppose I was channeling Tallulah Bankhead daaaahling, in this shot.  I just needed a cigarette in a holder, didn't I?



  1. I love that hat! Funny, I noticed that black poodle in all the photos of your other post. I guess dogs have always been a big part of your life. When I was the age that you were in that picture, I was bitten by a cocker spaniel on my upper lip and rushed to the hospital. I still have the scar and to this day I hate sky blue walls because they remind me of the emergency room.

    1. I can't remember a time we didn't have a dog growing up.
      We even had 1 cat at one time.
      The only time I didn't live with a pet was the last 3 yrs. I was in college and the 3 years at the beginning of my marriage. 6 years out of 55...geez, I didn't realize that until now. lol

      Many folks who have a bad experience with a dog young never seem to get over it.

    2. Oh, I forgot.....our dog died in 1996? and we didn't get a new one until 2002, so another 6 yrs. without a pet. My daughter had a hamster during 3 years of this time....does that count?lol

  2. How cute!!! Most of our dogs, growing up, were named Sparky, except for the dog that "I" got to name and I named her Lassa. All cats were "Shasta".

    1. Just how many cats would that have been?
      You sound like Miss Kay who names all her little dogs Boo Boo....

  3. You were a cute little thing!
    Does that weird "movie star from the 40's" accent crack you up the way it does me? What was with that? Politicians and movie stars all had that accent from nowhere. Currently the trend on TV seems to be that if you want to sell something expensive like men's suits or diamond rings it is imperative that the announcer have a British accent. PBS sometimes pulls that stunt during thir quarterly "begathons" too

    1. I don't know if I'd call Tallulah's accent was definitely more one of a kind. She hailed from the deep South and went to NYC at 15 to be an actress and hob knobbed with all the witty writers and bonne viviantes of the 1920's. She could take or leave movie acting(except they paid so well dahling), preferring "the stage", partying, sex, drugs and booze. Charming, but she had a tongue like a razor and you didn't want to cross her.

      I guess she sounded a bit British because of the Southern accent. I've done some studying of accents(having been an actress and all)and the high bred Southern drawl stems from the upper crust British accent. Many of the first families in the South sprang from aristocratic English families(the ones who weren't the first sons). If you slow down a high British accent you get something like a high Southern accent....the patterns and lilts are the same, dahling. ;-)

    2. Check this out Janet.....

    3. Sluggy that was fascinating! I put it on my Tumblr. I had no idea about that. When I was applying for my sub card yesterday, the HR lady said that when she saw that my social security card started with a 1, she knew that I wouldn't have a southern accent because most SS cards that start with 1 are from the north. Southern ones usually start with 2 and 3's. How about that for some Yankee profiling?

    4. Now "I" just learned something too! Never knew they categorized SS #s like that. Mine starts with a 2, of course! lol I wonder if it has to do with where you were born/from or where you lived when you applied for a SS #? I think it's the later since my father, born and bred in NY until the early 1950's, has a SS # starting with 2. He applied for his card in VA after his family moved there. And his father, born in CT and lived in NY until WWII, his SS # starts with a 0.

  4. I'll bet you were a slamming good actress! Do you do any local theater these days? I'll bet you can do it all .... comedy, drama the whole Magilla! I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned it before but I particularly like to watch your videos just for you voice. You have that certain something!

    1. Well I WAS a slamming good actress. lolz
      I have been out of it since about 1986, since we moved to PA....except for the play directing I did in the parochial school my 2 oldest attended until 2000. I got into directing in college and preferred that over acting.....I like the power and control! lol
      My voice was always one of my strong points when I was involved in theater. I didn't have a big drawl as a kid, tho my mother had quite a pronounced one my father grew up in NY so he didn't. I did have to work on changing my voice though when I went into theater to get more of a neutral tone. I have always had an ear for dialects tho so if you put me with a group of people with any kind of accents, within a day or two I start developing their accent. lol


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