Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Please Make it Stop Snowing Because I am so Tired of Talking About Snow!" Edition.......

We got 3 storms within 48 hours late last week.  You can just make out a sliver of the top of the car parked on the roadside, behind that snow bank.  The driveway is turning into a tunnel configuration with walls 4 feet high on either side of it.  Nowhere left to put the snow here....bleh. 
Here is what was planned last week---
Sunday--Broiled Cod, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Onions, Coleslaw
Monday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Sugar Snap Peas w/Red Peppers
Tuesday--Chicken in Wine Sauce, Noodles, Broccoli
Wednesday--Hot Dogs w/Coleslaw, Red Potato Salad, Beans(for Hubs/#2 Son)
Thursday--Quiche(freezer), TBD Veggies
Friday--Mushroom Parmesan, Salad
Saturday--Breakfast for Dinner or Leftovers
And here is what actually happened---
Sunday--Broiled Cod, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Onions, Coleslaw
Monday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Sugar Snap Peas w/Red Peppers
Tuesday--Chicken in Wine Sauce, Noodles, Broccoli
Wednesday--Pizza from the freezer
Thursday--Breakfast for Dinner
Friday--Chinese Take-out
Saturday--Hot Dogs w/Coleslaw, Red Potato Salad

 Everything served as planned except the Quiche and Mushroom Parm and the last half of the week dinners were moved to different nights.  Since #2 Son & Hubs didn't leave town on Friday this changed the configuration of meals.  We got take-out to celebrate Valentine's Day since Hubs wasn't suppose to be home that evening so nothing had been planned.
I spent a total of.....*sit down for this one!*....$2.42 on groceries last week.  Hubs bought milk when he got gas on Saturday and I spent $.53 at Rite-Aid when I picked up a case of water and 2 bottle of peroxide(using up a $5 +Up Reward).

So after the week's spending, I am sitting at $290.82 spent in February with 11 more days in the month to go.  I seriously doubt I'll stay under $300 at this point for the month but I'll try to keep it as close to that mark as possible.
Going into the new week here are the leftovers we have.....
 Beef Stroganoff and rice, Chicken Fajita fixings and that's about it.
Here is this week's meal plan----let's dig deeper into the freezer and pantry---

Monday--Dinner Out using gift card
Tuesday--Cheese Steaks w/peppers and onions
Wednesday--Rigatoni w/Meat Sauce, Mushroom Parmesan, Asparagus
Thursday--Fish, Sugar Snaps, Roasted Potatoes
Friday--Chicken Risotto, Salad or Leftover Asparagus
Saturday--Leftovers Again

That makes 4 new meals, 1 meal out and 2 leftover or planned over meal.
I have fish, chicken and roast beef lunchmeat in the freezer and I *think* I might have a small package of ground beef in there too.

What I need to purchase for this menu?.......Deli Cheese(for the cheese steaks), Salad Greens(I'll go on Wed. and find some reduced containers), Asparagus(on sale this week) and maybe 1 lb. of Ground Beef if I can't find any in the freezer.  We are also out of Sour Cream(something I like to have around)so I'll pick that up because it's on sale this week here.  One store also had Welch's Grape Juice on sale and I like to have some of the purple kind on hand. This should run me around $20 depending on whether I need Ground Beef or not and what it's going for this week/if I can find a reduced package.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I know you are sick of snow but spring is officially 31 days away, you can make it!

    1. I don't know....we've been known to get snowstorms in March here. I'll hang on tho....

  2. That's a lot of snow! I listen to WILK online and I couldn't believe it when Joe Snedeker kept saying you were going to get more snow. Holy Hannah!

    1. Next year I need to reserve a room down in Camco Cottage for the

  3. We are entering a warming trend this week - already today it's gone from -17 to -10 over the past 2 hours! At this rate it should be summer by Friday! Seriously we are going to have rain in a couple of days which should play havoc with the mountains of snow around here - there might be some flooding! Food, let me think...what can we eat? Well, I have a freezer full of chicken and fish and tons of fresh veggies so we'll nosh away on that this week. I just pull stuff out of the fridge I don't really plan meals - I'm so lazy!

    1. It's suppose to get into the HIGH 40'sF here later this week.....I just can't wait! Got to get my shorts and flip flops out! lol

  4. It is up to 58 so far today, was 63 yesterday, 72 net Thursday, and down to 40 in a week. think winter is over here.

    For the first time I used a crockpot, a gift. I made Spanish Rice and chicken. I have five helpings left (three frozen), plus extra Spanish rice. Today, I will put in the turkey that I did not use this weekend. Then, there are vegetables to put with it. That extra Spanish rice will be eaten with some turkey. The freezer is full of meat to cook and the floor is full of sweet potatoes and others are in the refrigerator crispers.

  5. Oh, I hope it was the last winter storm for you!!

    I think, we are eating mostly out of our freezer this week. I'm yet to make a menu...

    1. Unfortunately we are getting ANOTHER storm tonight!

  6. Haha, so close to your goal. Wait. There's 11 days left in the month?! Holy fish. I'm SO behind on stuff!

    I put some porkchops to defrost today, because *someone* ate 6 of my 8 fish patties (looking at landlord's son), so there goes my plan for the week. I'll make porkchops instead, and buy some more frozen veggies, which also seem to have magically disappeared...

    PS: Send some snow my way. Some REAL stuff, not the dustings we keep getting.

  7. I think you will keep it under $300 because you are going to be snowed in.
    And I'm sick of the white crap. My back and arms can't take much more of the snow slinging. And it's piled so high that you have to really heave to get it over the top of the growing mounts.


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