Thursday, February 13, 2014

The GroundHog Must DIE!

So when we finally moved out of the "Bowels of the Poconos"........
(You know, where we use to live until 2000......where it was de rigeur to get 100 inches of snowfall in an average year.......and where I took this photo.......I think it was in 1993.)

Anyway when we finally  moved from there, we settled in this teeny tiny town in this part of PA.
NOT in the Poconos mind you.

We figured our "large accumulation of snow" days were a thing of our past.

Let me just say for the record......

Look at what it's doing again this morning?

I think somebody needs to drive west of here and assassinate a certain groundhog......

Do I see any volunteers out there?!?



  1. I love your accent! Our dog killed our groundhog the other day. Obviously, it didn't help. Perhaps torture would have been better.

  2. Sorry I think he is on my back porch laying on a lawn chair with a drink in his little paw, sunglasses on. It is sunny and 61 here all our snow melted yesterday. I can't bear to shoot at him he looks so comfy.

  3. I would go but I can't get my car off my street, or out of the city, on onto 309 or onto the turnpike. Back to the vodka

  4. j has the right idea. How about making some vodka snow cones? You know, when life hands you lemons...? Sorry, just tryin' to help.

  5. Perhaps a move even further is in your future? :) The last winter in Alberta killed us and moved our move to Vancouver island up by 2 years. Thankfully so as the last 2 winters there were brutal (we hear almost daily as motherinlaw and kids are still there)


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