Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spending $ Left & Right on Food & Toiletries

That's been me the last couple of days.......spending cash left and right!

As you may have read here already, I withdrew some February food budget $ before January was over in order to take advantage of some deals at Rite-Aid.
1 trip there and I was OOP $20.01 but received $15 in +Ups.

Here's how I spent that $15 in +Up Rewards I got earlier in the week from Rite-Aid.
I went back Thursday evening and did this......

5 Tide detergents
1 Dawn dishwashing liquid

I'm glad I didn't wait to do this until Friday, as they had 1 bottle left on the shelf of the size that was on sale after I took these 5.
I spent $10.69 OOP after Qs and +Ups.
When was the last time you got 5 bottles of Tide for less than $2 a pop?
Never did I hear you say? lolz
I'll save these for the really dirty duds or mix it in with a cheapo detergent to stretch this stuff out.

I received a $10 +Up back for that transaction.

So I went back Saturday morning and spent that $10+Up thusly......

I did the Unilever Spend $15/Get $5 +Ups Deal on the BIL's card.
The axe face washes were 50% off, $3.74 and paired with my $2/1 Qs they came out to $1.74 each.
The Clear 'Poo was on sale for $5 and I had 2 Qs(VV and Manu)to stack totaling $3.50, making that item $1.50.
There was a L2C Q for $2/1 Tresemme which did not come off.  It was for the Tresemme 'Poos that were on sale for $5(higher price point ones), but the store was out of them, so I had to get this $4 item and get no further discount.  But that's ok since it is a huge bottle and will last me quite awhile.

The Unilever items came to $16.48 pre Qs and $8.98 after, but I had to spend at least $10 to use my +Up Reward.
So I threw in 2 Pantene on sale for $7/2, a $3/2 L2C Q came off the transaction and the total was at $12.98.
After $10 +Ups was applied, $2.98, add in the tax of .18¢ and I paid $3.16 OOP for all.

I received back $7 in +Ups.....$5 Unilever wyb $15 and a $2 Pantene wyb 2 bottles.

Not a bad day at the ol' Rite-Aid.

I went to the small independent grocer next(sorry no picture)to pick up 2 whole roaster chickens for .99¢ lb. and the bread I like for $2.50 a loaf. 

While in the store I did a Kraft deal (Spend $25, Get $5 off).  All the qualifying items were on sale and because they also had a few in-ad Qs for Mayo and Planters PB it made this an even better deal.

I got--5 bags shredded cheese, 1 block of Swiss, 1 large container sour cream, 4 bottle of dressing(sometimes I think #2 Son drinks this!), 2 jars Mayo and 1 jar PButter for $20.

I also picked up 1 quart of ice cream, a 1/2 gallon of milk & 3 frozen pizza w/a B2G1Free Q.
Total was $53.64 with a savings rate of over 60%.

Then I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets.  I went in for the Purex laundry detergent($1.77 and I had a $1 Q)but I came out with all this.....

4 lbs. of diced rutabagas and sweet potatoes 50% off-$3.99 total
2 bags of collards for 50% off-$2.69 total
1 bottle of Purex-$.77 after Q
1 bakery hoagie onion rolls 50% off-$1.64
2 OM turkey deli meat w/$5 in Instant discount stickers + $1/2 IPQ off-$3.98 total
Pepper $1 on sale, and Mushrooms were regular price-$3.27 total

Total spent was $16.37.
Savings rate?  53%  8-)))

So going into next week(which starts for me on Sunday), can you guess what will be on my meal plan?

Roast chicken-using the one in the freezer already and putting the 2 I bought today in it's place.
Some leftover chicken will be fajitas another night(using the pepper and mushrooms, plus more pepper, onion and tortillas I have here already and some of that Kraft deal cheese & sour cream.)
We'll have smashed rutabagas, roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and olive oil, and collards cooked the proper Southern way.
I bought Kielbasa a few weeks back so we'll have those on the discounted onion hoagie rolls one night.
The rest of the leftover roast chicken combined with the 2 containers of turkey deli meat will keep me in turkey/chicken sandwiches all next week(as will 1 of the loaves of bread).

As far as my $300 food budget goes for February, I've spent $33.86 of it at Rite-Aid, mostly buying toiletries and detergents....if you don't count that pizza and tortilla chips "junk" food.
Add in the $70.01 I dropped at the grocery stores today and we are at $103.87 spending for February and it's only the 1st.

While it's crazy how fast you can spend on food/toiletries in a few days I'm not worried about overspending this month.

Spending this much on toiletries/cleaning stuff in one month is unusual for me, I won't be spending any more of those categories in February.  And I have $7 in +Ups to use if I find the need for something that isn't food in the next 2 weeks.

As for veggies, I'll continue to shop the 50% produce items at Weis or loss leaders at the independent grocer.  I have chicken breasts, steak, fish, a premade meatloaf & meatballs, chops and that duck breast still in the freezer, so if no meat deals appear, it's all good.

Ok, enough rambling.
I've got stuff to do now and then it's off to watch Suze deny a bunch of people who just "don't get it"....lolz

What did you do on Saturday?



  1. Slept late because of gall bladder pain and sinus pain, took nap because I felt miserable, washed one load of clothes, shopped at WM a bit. I tried hard not to sneeze so gall bladder or whatever it is won't hurt.

  2. I agree it is going much faster than I thought it could. Seems like there are an awful lot of good deals going on lately. They have a buy 5 pizza rolls get a case of water for free. We don't need either but DJ likes them. I may pull the trigger and get them.


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