Friday, February 14, 2014

Nothing Says Love on Valentine's Day......

....Like a Snowdrift!

Yes, my back deck has almost disappeared!
Save the path for the dog to go out to the yard.

We got another 12 inches between yesterday's storm and the second storm from late last night.
There are 4 foot high banks of snow lining the driveway out front and we may get our mailbox shoveled out by April.....


Well it could be worse, right?
It could be like in 2007 when a nor'easter hit here on Valentine's day, closing all the roads and the interstate and people had to spend the night in their cars.  On local tv, they were asking for people with ATVs to drive to the nearest interstate entrance/exit and go pick up people in cars to get them to shelters.  It was a mess.
Check out this old news report HERE.

This is my new mantra.....

Raise your hand if you are sick of snow!



  1. There is a small tree in my front yard between the sidewalk and the road (maybe 8 feet tall) It is almost gone. I cannot believe how much snow we've gotten this year!!! CRAZINESS for sure.

  2. Do you have ANY idea how many babies are going to be born in exactly 9 months from today??... Yeah. That was a GREAT Valentine's Day is what they'll be saying!

  3. My hand is raised higher than anyone elses. I just know it.

  4. Look! Over here! Can you see my hand waving?? Maybe I'd better stand on the roof! The good news is (yes there is a wee bit of good news) that it got all the way up to -4c yesterday and the snow level decreased by a couple of inches - woo hoo!! At this rate I should see my new flagstone patio by about August! Hang in there Sluggy!

  5. If I could drive up there, I would. I love snow! And it looks lovely. But yeah, I am ready for spring. Not ready for bees, but I'm ready for wearing less than 2 layers of clothing and heavy non-slip shoes. Besides, I don't have winter clothes... Stay warm!

  6. Perfect weather to snuggle in front of a fireplace... Stay safe and warm out there :)

  7. Move to Southeast Texas. We hit 81 degrees this week. In February!


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