Friday, February 28, 2014

No Joy in Mudville Today.....

Well #1 Son continues to have difficulties at his place of employment.  He is trying to find a new position elsewhere, that pays enough for him to justify leaving his current job, and is having no luck.
I can't go into this sad tale but he is fearing for his safety and health(he works with "special populations") and his stress level(as well as our own)is quite high, having to remain in his current job.
So when exactly do you get to stop worrying about your kids....what age?
Obviously it's not when they are 22+ years old.  8-(

Add to that the letter #2 Son received yesterday from Temple, thanking him for his "interest" but regretting to inform him that they will not be availing themselves of his musical talents or his parent's Twenty Eight Thousand Dollars per year.

Yep, he didn't get into their music program. 8((
This upset him deeply, as it was his first choice school, almost to the point of tears and definitely to the point of throwing and hitting inanimate objects, like any self respecting 18 year old boy is want to do.

Then his dejection turned to "I suck and I hate music and maybe I just won't go to college."
This was followed a couple of hours later after a nap by, "Temple can go F**k itself!".

Ah, a chip off the ol' Slugmama block!
I think #2 Son will survive.

Nothing signaling the end of the world here, just having a rough patch as some folks say.
And this wretched cold is NOT making things any cheerier!

I am so ready for Spring, aren't you?

Off to console #2 Son's sorrows with a free Birthday Burger at Red Robin......




  1. Not that it helps I know but temples music program is notoriously hard to get into with many more applications and spots. Still my heart hurts for him since I know he wanted to go there. Hopefully he will be happy at his second choice

  2. oh, bummer on both counts! My mom always says stuff happens for a reason, so there is somewhere else son#2 is meant to go to school :)

  3. I think the answer is never, no matter how old they get. Sorry your guys are going through a rough patch. And how dare anyone turn them down?? Makes you want to go slap someone, doesn't it?? Come on Spring!

  4. I agree with One Family. When one door closes, another door opens. My daughter had her heart set on one particular school, but the cost of housing was going to bankrupt us, so she took a different path. In hindsight, I think it was a better move because the other school would have been way too intense for her. She's moving at a more comfortable pace where she's going now and it's half the cost.

  5. I can appreciate #2's disappointment. I know it breaking your heart to see him suffer. #2--the job need not pay enough if he is in danger. He needs to get out and work two jobs if it takes it. Well, that would be my advice to my child. Okay, should I quit worrying about my 43-year-old? I don't think so. I have stepped in with help when I could, not with money, but handling the talking part of the money issue with Chase.

    Hopefully, both issues will resolve themselves.

    If the populations are in a situation where there is a board, he can report and demand protection or removal to another situation within the same (cannot think of the word).

  6. I get #2's feelings. I wanted to go to OU. Even got in. Couldn't afford it. But he was sure happy about his second choice accepting him, so it's not like he has to suffer at VCU! HAHAHA

    Hope #1 finds something. Doesn't sound like he's in a good place.

    Peace <3

  7. He can get a free breakfast at Denny's too!

  8. You will never get over your children' s pain and if your son really wants to go to Temple have him call and get on a wait list. No one has to know but him and if he gives up on music I will come and kick his butt.

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  11. Temple can KMFA too! Besides, I hear that their reputation is going downhill fast as they can't discern who has talent and who doesn't these days...He'll be fine though disappointed for now :(


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