Sunday, February 23, 2014

Consider What's Below & Apply to Your Own Life

Thought to be the oldest Holocaust Survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer died on Sunday.
She was 110.

A remarkable woman in so many ways.
She survived the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia by playing in the camp orchestra.
She also kept her young son alive there and he was one of the few children to survive that camp until liberation.

The short documentary, "The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life", about her life, is up for an Academy Award next month.

Here is a short video about her done a year ago.....

We could all learn a lot from this woman....



  1. Amazing, some people are just amazing. My dad's family took in over 100 Jews from a camp after the war. He said he remembers their feet were just terrible. They let go the tree surgeon and hired a foot surgeon. Our family motto has always been death begins with your feet. Dad was born with terrible clubbed feet ( 1st cousin married 1st cousin for generations)and had many operations and had a lot of pain his whole life, so when he says their feet were bad they must have been awful.

  2. That was amazing in so many ways. Did she have her own teeth? Her mind and hands were more nimble than mine, I do believe. Thanks, sluggy, for that.


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